The Law of Attraction Doesn't Work...Astrology Does {Part Two}

The Law of Attraction Doesn't Work...Astrology Does {Part Two}

While the law of attraction does not work, and the universe itself has no real investment in our success… there is something in the universe that we look at to gain insight into who we are and what our soul’s purpose is:


Yup. The study of the stars.

Astrology is not hocus-pocus. It’s not magic or mystery. It’s not a religion, it’s not witchy and it’s not woo-woo.

It is actually a three-millennia old study of observation that spans the globe. Every single culture in history has had their own form of astrology. And, every astrologer was also an astronomer until that darned Enlightenment period when we separated the soul from science.

Galileo? Astrologer.

Copernicus? Astrologer.

And, trust me, those guys weren’t woo woo. As much as our historical astrologers studied the movement of the stars and planets, they also studied how the movement of the stars and planets affected us as human beings. They noticed the nuanced way that a shift in Jupiter’s position would create a certain psychological affect here on earth.

In order to read the two main theories on how astrology works, you can read my article about that here. Suffice it to say, that no matter how astrology works…it works.

And, what it shows us is not the magical way to get our dreams to come true…you cannot wish upon a star.

It does show us who we are, and how to manifest our greatest potential and live out our soul’s purpose.

Somewhere, at the moment we take our first breath, we come into accord with the energies of around us. Luckily, that energy is encoded in a readable way that astrologers have spent thousands of years fine tuning. When we look at a person’s horoscope, we see what type of person they are, and if they are living in accord with those energies, or if they are resisting them.

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As a professional astrologer, I have seen the pain, confusion, resistance, apathy and depression in those who resist their natural tendencies. When we don’t live in alignment with our deepest purpose, we suffer. When we express the low side of the energies present within us, we suffer. When we try to be someone else, we suffer.

When we live our most authentic life, we become free.

In this way, astrology is so much more than a divination practice…it is a transformational form of psychology. By looking at your horoscope, you have the chance to read the blueprint of your own soul.

And, there’s nothing more powerful than manifesting the energy of YOU!

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