Our goal is to provide you with the teachings and tools you need to embody the wisdom of yoga and spirituality. To give you a clear path that allows you to embrace your authentic life. With a grounded, practical wisdom – influenced by an interest in the deeply spiritual, your life should be filled with things that connect you to your soul every day.

Carefully Curated Courses Designed For Your Busy Lifestyle
What You Can Learn

Mindful Purpose Institute offers 3 core academies to earn professional teaching certifications. The Modern Mystics Academy®The Kaivalya Yoga Method® Teacher Training Academy and Pranayama Academy

The Kaivalya Yoga Method® trains you to become an exceptional yoga teacher. This isn’t your average training. We have put thousands of hours into these courses to give you an elite education. We guarantee you will learn something new even if you've taken similar YTT courses before. All done online, and on your OM time. Our team of mentors work hard to impart highly individualized and unparalleled education – with a friendly, compassionate, and authentic touch.

The Modern Mystics Academy® is for those interested in the stars and the mystics, with certification programs in: the chakras, astrology, and the tarot.

Our Pranayama Academy is designed to help you find your breath and to hone your meditation techniques. These courses are the most popular "next step" after completing Yoga Teacher Training or Modern Mystics Academy courses. But we also have many students who complete these courses first as an intro to our school. The art of breathwork and meditation is helpful for anyone going through stressful times or who want to connect deeper with their spiritual self.

Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive online education on the planet. Designed to fit into your busy lifestyle, while providing personalized 1:1 feedback so that you get the same (or more!) attention as in-person courses.

We provide 20 hours of live interactions with mentors monthly and weekly live asana classes so that our content never gets outdated. We want you to always have someone real to connect with and speak to. Although our courses are 100% online, a helping hand is always just a message away.

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Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D.
More About the Course Creator

I’m Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D., and I’ve created these online courses because they are the resources I wish someone had made for me oh-so-long ago.

What I mean is, I know what it’s like to be a dedicated yoga teacher looking for passionate, credible, authentic folks to learn from who are ready to bring it and have the wisdom to do so. When I first started practicing yoga, I was hungry and desperate to learn more. This was nearly two decades ago before the yoga scene was flourishing. I lived in the middle of the country. Far away from all the teachers I loved and admired and the studios where I wanted to practice.

For years, I suffered. And studied. Reading any book I could get my hands on. Trying to dig deeper into yoga. This is a field that really requires a guide; someone who can help you make all the right decisions in your practice, and lead you down the rabbit hole. Even the most dedicated yoga teacher needs a helping hand, and in the early days of my career, I wished I had one.

In 2005, I became the very first yoga teacher ever to have a podcast (2 million people have listened to the Modern Mystic Podcast since!). And, I did it, because I wanted to offer others a connection–a lifeline–to classes and teachings they might not otherwise be able to receive. Whether they were in far-flung places of the globe, or couldn’t afford to hop on a plane and take 4 weeks out of their life to study yoga, I wanted to make sure they had access.

That was the beginning of my passion for online learning. From then on, I have continued to pioneer online learning in the field of yoga. And, I have never ceased to ensure that everything I offer online carries the same integrity, depth, connection, credibility, and comprehension as if you were sitting right here in the room with me.

I am here to connect with you and give you access to the highest quality resources in the field.

No matter where you are, I am right here for you.

This is our mission:

To help spiritual leaders embody their knowledge, up-level their skills, and create more impact in the world. We give you clear pathways to earn a living with your spiritual practice and to help others with your gift.

If you’re ready to up-level your yoga teaching practice, reach for the stars, balance your chakras and embody spiritual wisdom, then you’re in the right place.

Here’s a heads up: This is a serious education. We're not here to water the teachings down, or to go “lightly” on our offerings. If you’re ready to do the work, then you will be rewarded with a better sense of self, a way to help people in your community, and a career that you feel truly inspired by.