Turn your passion for the spiritual into a Thriving Business!


Want to have classes full of engaged students or a calendar of appointments with clients, make a positive impact in the world, and attract financial abundance?

Let me tell you a secret -- You can.

The elusive goal of a thriving spiritual career is attainable with the right strategies and techniques.

The average yoga teacher only makes $35,000 per year. That’s a lot of hustle for a little scratch. Many instructors spend oodles of hours per week driving all over town to teach umpteen classes…for which they are completely underpaid.

It’s time to change all that. Whether you are a yoga teacher, astrologist, tarot card reader or meditation teacher...you CAN have a thriving spiritual business that you love. Let me teach you how...

Imagine a new lifestyle where you can:

Develop and engage your community.
By thinking outside the box—and moving some of your business online with courses and classes—you will be able to reach, curate and engage with a much bigger audience which means more students, more impact, more money.

Step into the online space
where possibilities are endless.
The landscape of yoga has changed and you can reap the rewards of owning your own business, creating (and controlling) your own content, adding in additional skills, and leveraging your offerings for greater and greater success. The only limit is what you know - which we will change!

Make money while you nap, drink tea, or work on your backbend. 
Create passive income streams that increases your revenue…AND your free time. Whether it be taking that long-deserved vacation or having reserves for a rainy day, ensuring you have multiple revenue streams is essential to your core stability.

Tap into the power of Social Media to find new students. 
How do you get new likes, new fans, more follows and more shares? Our tried and true techniques will radically boost your Social Media presence and help you connect with more students and grow your business.

Maintain your yogic ideals while building a thriving business. 
Yes, you want to help people and your work is valuable. You CAN do both - make a difference and a good living. It’s time to overcome your potential “money blocks” and start earning at your FULL potential. Stop giving yourself away for free, and learn to offer valuable content while charging what you are worth. Finally.

The Upward Facing Business Academy™

Is the Answer to Achieving Success as a New Yogi Entrepreneur

Here's Everything You Get

The Upward Facing Busines Academy is the 'spiritual MBA' - or the MSB if you will (Master's in Spiritual Business'). The course contains everything you need to build a successful online spiritual business - one you love and fulfills you.

When you join, you’ll receive a new module of videos and resources every two weeks, adding inspired tools for continued growth and success every step of the way.

(Prefer to jump right in and work through at a faster pace, we can do this - just let us know when you sign up!)

Define Your Niche and Develop Your Offer

Clearly define your niche (who you want to work with) by discovering your true passion, and establish your expertise in the field so you stand out from the crowd. Leverage your expertise by deciding on your core offering…the one thing that people come to know you for, and that students flock to take part in.

Develop a Social Media Presence

Your favorite social media platforms are the primary way to connect with your audience. Discover how to tap into them for exponential growth. You will also learn the power of the email newsletter as a tool of connectivity with your community and how to build your email list.

Content Creation Strategies for the Creative Yogi

On the internet, content is key. But where do you begin? How do you even create it? Learn how to bring your offerings online to give people what they want in a format that is accessible…and profitable! Create offerings strategically to leverage your work, grow your audience, create raving fans and repeat customers.

Set Yourself Up Online So People Can Easily Enroll

You and your work need to be easily found online in a way that showcases you, your talents, and your teachings. Discover the anatomy of an incredible website, how to host your content, what makes a compelling sales page, and how to set up your online shop so that when you open the doors, people can find you.

Connect with Your Community

Step into the spotlight of your growing community through video and live streams. Connecting with your audience authentically via video is a key element of translating yoga/astrology/tarot from the studio to the online space…but it’s not without its challenges. Get ahead of the game with tips and tricks for immediate (simple) success.

Do the Work: Create Your Spiritual Empire

It’s time to put the work into action. Technology and marketing come together to manifest your online empire as you write compelling, uplifting copy for your audience, develop strategies for successful sales funnels, and learn tricks of the trade to keep your tribe engaged…and growing.

Work Smarter (Not Harder) in Your Business Strategy

Talented yogis often want to do #allthethings. The secret to your success is to find your one thing and do it exceedingly well. This means carefully cutting out what is no longer necessary in your business model, saying goodbye to the right tasks, and outsourcing them to others who help you realize your vision.

Overcome Money Blocks & Define Your Value

The biggest obstacle to your success is how you view money. Many yoga teachers and spiritual leaders are trained that “spiritual teachings should be free.” This is not true, and locks you into a poverty mentality that sabotages you from the start. Learn to effectively release your money blocks and develop a new relationship to your inherent value that proudly allows you to never sell yourself short.

Launch and Grow Your New Brand with Ease

With a website, content, growing community, and a cohesive message under your belt, your brand is 99% there. It’s time to step it up a notch and start reaching new audiences, testing your message with more comprehensive marketing…and advertising. Understanding ad strategy is essential for scaling your business!

Tweaks & Upgrades: Learning New Tech

It’s time to add in the bells and whistles. Using secret hacks, social media savvy, and little-known tech, turn your empire into a lead-generation and passive income machine. Tech tutorials walk you step-by-step so you get started on the right foot.

Self-Care Techniques for the Thriving Yogi Entrepreneur

Success requires a successful mindset! Reclaim your daily practice, and leverage it for inspiration in your entrepreneurial endeavors. Discover successful time-management tools, inspirational scheduling tricks, and ways to integrate your yoga into your daily business routine so you stay in the game!

Yoga & Business: Aligning the Two for Authenticity and Awesomeness

Get a roadmap for continued success, a plan for scaling, what to add to your offerings next, and how to keep sales rolling in with evergreen techniques that allow you to focus on Doing. What. You. Love. and loving what you do!

Course Bonuses

Expert Interviews
Included with your program are interviews with the world’s foremost experts in online marketing. Get the inside scoop from the people who put online marketing on the map, but get it from our unique perspective: the perspective of the spiritual entrepreneur.

Worksheets, Cheat Sheets, and Swipe Files
Not sure where to get started? Have no fear! Included are documents that give you a leg up on writing your first email sequence, putting together a snazzy homepage, defining your target audience, and structuring your online course. You’re already a step ahead of the rest with these essential tools!

Forever Access & Free Course Updates
As this course grows, you benefit! With lifetime access to the materials, you always get the most up-to-date tools and techniques…for free!

Private Online Community
Meet other like-minded, ambitious yogi entrepreneurs in the private online community. Get your questions answered, discover new strategies, and share ideas with fellow change-makers.

Help more people. Make more money. Enjoy more freedom.

Let's do this!

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A Letter From Alanna

Before I put my entire business online and developed the world’s first 500-hour online yoga teacher certification, I struggled.

I drove all over creation, eating two meals a day in my car only to be underpaid as I taught umpteen yoga classes per week. I made less money than I needed to cover my essential bills, leaving me in greater and greater debt. With the guilt of yoga teachers, or perhaps not knowing my true value, I felt compelled to say “YES” to every teaching opportunity that came my way. I lived in constant, unending BURNOUT. 
Though I had invested thousands of dollars in my training as a yogi, I felt scared to charge what I was worth because of the stigma that spiritual teachings should be free.

Do you resonate with any of these statements? Most yoga teachers do. But there is a different way. 

I created The Upward Facing Business Academy to turn yogis into extraordinary yogi entrepreneurs.

Do you want to be someone who calls the shots, charges what you’re worth, owns your power as the expert in your niche, and utilizes the latest technology to reach the people who love you? Do you want to make more impact with your gifts as a healer, spiritual leader, and teacher? The Upward Facing Business Academy can show you how.



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“Putting together an online yoga program is no joke!  It takes dedication, hard work and a lot of support. Alanna’s Upward Facing Business Academy is just that! She helped guide me from start to finish, gave me step-by-step tools to build my niche and put together a massively successful course. I went from a struggling yoga teacher to a thriving, happy and financially successful one. I am also now getting my message out to so many more people than I ever have before and that is more fulfilling than I can tell you. I am grateful to Alanna for her mentorship and friendship during this process!”

Jory Serota, $44k launch success

Start making what you’re worth.

You deserve it.

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  • New content every two weeks that reveals essential tools and skill sets to grow your business
  • Rich video lectures that walk you through important lessons step-by-step
  • Clear, actionable content written specifically for you, the budding spiritual entrepreneur
  • Swipe files, PDFs, and cheat sheets that give you a head start
  • Tech tutorials with leaders in the online marketing industry giving you insider information you can use to your advantage
  • Supportive private online community to interact with other members of the Upward Facing Business Academy
  • Payment plan available through ShopPay



”Alanna’s consistent guidance and the container of the mentoring group gave me the exact push I needed to take the next step in my teaching career.“

Elise Fabricant


This program is right for anyone who is a spiritual leader, and is interested in making more impact (and more income) in their career. This course is a deep dive into creating a yoga-minded business that thrives. You learn skills to move key parts of your business online, and the tools to create a strong niche, well-branded message, and bring that message to your unique market…all while maintaining the integrity of the yoga principles you adore. If you think “yoga” and "spiritual" and “business” don’t go together, this program shows you they do…and, when we align our business with our purpose, we find the keys to our own success. This program teaches you practical, technical tools of business and online marketing, while also teaching you yoga philosophy that keeps you on track for greatness on your own terms.

Forever! That’s right, once you’re in, you’re in. You always have access to the materials, and can refer to them, or check back whenever you’d like. You also will be privy to any additions or enhancements to the course as I continue to build upon it in the future. **However, if you miss any of your monthly payments, access will be restricted until such time payments are caught up.

Yes! This method of delivery allows us to go through the program together. Upon your registration, you get access to the first two weeks’ lessons, and then every two weeks thereafter, you receive the next batch of content. Once your content is unlocked, you have access to all the previous information, too. No worries if you fall behind, or need to go at your own pace, this is your journey, and you can make it on your own time.

My background in yoga and spiritual studies spans nearly two decades, and I have been leading teacher trainings for 15 years, have written programs for some of the biggest studios in the industry, and founded the world’s first (and only!) 500-hour online yoga certification program. I have written three books on the field of yoga: Myths of the Asanas, Sacred Sound, and Yoga Beyond the Mat. Beyond my extensive experience as a yoga educator, I have used the exact tools and techniques I teach you in this program to become a successful yogi entrepreneur. I have spoken at entrepreneurial Mastermind groups and conferences about online marketing, and was named as the “Modern Ontrapreneur” of the year by Ontraport.

Nope! This course is on an extraordinarily user-friendly platform that you gain direct access to upon registration. You get a unique log-in that allows you access to the course at any time, and from any internet-ready device. The videos do stream, so a good internet connection is recommended.

It really is up to you! If you plan to keep up with the pace of the 6 month program, then it’s a good idea to commit 5 hours per week to implementing the coursework. Building a business takes time. The more time you are able to dedicate to it, the quicker your journey on the road to success. There is plenty of information in this course, so you are certainly able to spend more time with the material, and also gain support via the Facebook group. Remember, once you join, you have access to the course materials forever. Don’t worry if you fall a little behind!

Yes! I know how hard it is to shell out a chunk of dough, and I want to make this possible for you. You have the option to pay in full or in monthly installments. Both of these options are available to you upon checkout. By choosing the payment plan, you enter into an agreement that every payment will be made in a timely manner. Failure to complete monthly payments results in restricted access to the program.

First, you choose the option that is right for you – either monthly payments, or a one-time payment. By choosing the monthly payment plan, your card is automatically billed every month to keep your enrollment active. During that time, you may log on and access all of the courses at any time. However, if you have any failed payments during your payment plan, you lose all access to The Upward Facing Business Academy, materials, workbooks, and online community, until such time your payments are rectified. You may update your card information at any time by reaching out to help@alannak.com.

We want you to be happy with your investment, and we want you to give your best effort to apply all of the techniques and lessons in the program. We have a strict 7-day exchange period for all courses. To qualify for an exchange or store credit, you must submit proof that you did the work in the course and why it did not work for you. We do not offer exchanges for any other reason. If you selected a payment plan option for your purchase, we are not able to stop payments as this is through a third party (ShopPay). In the event that you discover your purchase does not work for you for a concrete reason, within 7 days of enrollment, contact support at support@alannak.com and request an exchange or store credit by the 7th day at 11:59 EST. For all the details of the exchange/store credit policy, please see the Terms of Use Policy.

It’s time to change your strategy, think outside the yoga-studio-box, and create an empire that is all your own.

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