Alchemy Of The Chakras™ Certification Program - The Kaivalya Yoga Method

Alchemy Of The Chakras™ Certification Program

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When we feel pain or illness, it's our body's way of telling us that we need to release stuck energy and create a healthy dialogue between our inner and outer selves. 

The key to bliss and health is finding balance. This course taught by Alanna Kaivalya Ph.D, takes you through this journey and gives you all the tools you need to create personal harmony. In this course, you learn:

  • The means of communication from your body to your psyche, and how to work with it to create a stronger, more transparent dialogue. 
  • How each chakra works on a physical, emotional, psychological and physiological level
  • How to identify which of your chakras need extra attention and specific practices to balance and work with them
  • The root of chronic illness, pain and disease and how to heal the source of the triggers so you create self-healing on every level - mind, body and spirit

By the end of this 7-week program, you will possess the tools and the knowledge to create complete inner balance. This 45-hour course was originally priced at $789 and was worth much more than that with the number of hours that went into developing it. We are now offering it for just $249 to make it more accessible for anyone struggling with "blocked energy" in their personal lives or communities. 

This program counts as 45 hours of continuing education credits for The Kaivalya Yoga Method® and Yoga Alliance. Upon finishing 100% of the course, you receive a certificate of completion.










This course is right for anyone who has an interest in yoga and a desire to do the work required for healing. If taking a look at the innate wisdom of the body inspires you, this course brings it home and makes it an active experience for you. If you love yoga and want to know more about how to live your yoga practice and take it beyond the mat, this is for you. If you need support in being empowered to explore your practice, this course does that. And, honestly? If you need hand holding and a structure for diving into the spiritual practice of yoga, this online experience is perfect.

Forever! That’s right, once you’re in, you’re in. You always have access to the materials, and can refer to them, or check back whenever you’d like. You also will be privy to any additions or enhancements to the course as I continue to build upon it in the future.

This program counts as 45 hours of continuing education credits for The Kaivalya Yoga Method® and Yoga Alliance.

Yes. Healing occurs on a variety of levels. What this course teaches you is how to dig deeply and inspire balance and change on the deepest levels. The extent of how much healing takes place within your body is truly up to you. Most people try to heal their body from the outside – through physical means like rehabilitation, medication or therapy. All those modalities are good an appropriate. What you find in this course is a different angle; and approach to healing that works from the inside out. We look to the subtle patterns and habits entrained by the body for clues on what we can release and work through via yoga to create a different level of wellness. It is possible for this to inspire greater wellness on the more physical layers of our body, too. Some things cannot be changed, physically…but we can learn to embody everything as part of our healing and spiritual journey. This course encourages you to do just that.

Reiki uses a specific form of energy to heal the person, and the energy will be received by the person holistically, in the area they most need it. You may find that certain chakras need that energetic healing more than others!

The way our chakra course differs from this is that it takes a psychological approach to the chakras and teaches you to view / assess the whole person based on what they present with. From there, there is a deeper understanding of what needs to be healed, on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.We also recommend working with the person on each of those levels, too. Perhaps by assigning them a specific physical protocol, designing a personalized ritual, or recommending some other type of spiritual work. Reiki would certainly complement this and enhance your ability to work with the whole person on any chakra!

Yes! I know how hard it is to shell out a chunk of dough, and I want to make this possible for you. You have the option to pay in full or make a payment in monthly installments (choose ShopPay upon checkout for the payment plan). Both of these options are available to you upon checkout.

Indeed! I’m excited about this method of delivery because it allows us to go through the course together. Upon your registration, you get access to Module #1, and then each week thereafter, you receive the next modules. Once the next modules are unlocked, you have access to all the previous modules, too. No worries if you fall behind, or need to go at your own pace, this system allows you to do that, too.

My background in yoga and spiritual studies spans nearly two decades, and I have been leading teacher trainings for 15 years. I have written three books on the field of yoga:Myths of the Asanas, Sacred Sound, andYoga Beyond the Mat. I also have a Ph.D. focused on this material and my expertise includes mythology, alchemy, depth psychology and yoga. I integrate all these into my understanding of yoga to develop a complete, integrative approach that brings the ancient practice into modern life. Really, though, the thing that qualifies me the most is the extensive amount of trial and error I have been through in my own personal practice over the years. I’d like to save you the time and effort and help you create immediate tools for lasting spiritual connection and transformation…right now.

Nope! This course is on an extraordinarily user-friendly platform that you gain direct access to upon registration. You get a unique log-in that allows you access to the course at any time, and from any internet-ready device. The videos do stream, so a good internet connection is recommended.

It really is up to you! If you plan to keep up with the pace of the 7-week program, then it’s a good idea to commit 5-7 hours per week to the course. There is plenty of information in this course, so you are certainly able to spend more time with the material, and also gain support via the Facebook group. Remember, once you opt-in, you have access to the course materials forever. Don’t worry if you fall a little behind!

We want you to be happy with your investment, and we want you to give your best effort to apply all of the techniques and lessons in the program. We have a strict 7-day exchange period for all courses. To qualify for an exchange or store credit, you must submit proof that you did the work in the course and why it did not work for you. We do not offer exchanges for any other reason. If you selected a payment plan option for your purchase, we are not able to stop payments as this is through a third party (ShopPay). In the event that you discover your purchase does not work for you for a concrete reason, within 7 days of enrollment, contact support at and request an exchange or store credit by the 7th day at 11:59 EST. For all the details of the exchange/store credit policy, please see the Terms of Use Policy.

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.


If you are ready to take the journey of the chakras, unlock the doors to higher consciousness, create balance on every level of your being and achieve optimum health and wellness, then this course is for you.