Spiritual Coaching Online Certification - The Kaivalya Yoga Method

Spiritual Coaching Online Certification

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You are invited to join us for the Spiritual Coaching Certification Course - now available online.

This immersive experience gives you the incredible opportunity to uplevel how you can work with clients and add Spiritual Coaching to your current skillset. This course ties everything together so you can work with clients in a holistic manner to make a bigger impact that lasts. Offer more to your clients, grow your spiritual career and make more income.

Content for the course is fully available to complete at your own pace and time and you get access to the 3 addtional certification courses - Astrology, Chakra and Tarot - immediately for 90 days!

Our exclusive adventure in Spiritual Coaching includes:

6 Training Sessions that you can access at your own pace and time. Topics include:

Module 1: Foundations of Spiritual Psychology & Leadership: Bridge Eastern traditions with Western practices and learn tools to help integrate the 3 parts of the psyche: spirit, personality and soul so people have the resilience, answers and skills to make excellent decisions in life. Discover the importance and relevance of spiritual leadership in the modern age.

Module 2: Overcoming Hurdles & Creating Transformation: Learn how to overcome challenge and reach new levels of wholeness to bring forth the unconscious so your clients truly heal.

Module 3: The Psyche & Personal Ritual: Transform the body and mind through personal spiritual practice (through somatics, psychology, and personal ritual). Discover the 3 phases that make up a ritual and what components must be included to be most effective.

Module 4: The Role of Personal Mythology: Identify the role of personal myth and metaphor in modern life (using examples from literature, movies, personal narratives) and how these archetypes can be used with your clients to help them explain and understand their experience and what steps to take next in their journey.

Module 5: Building a Successful Coaching Business: Set up the structures of your business - who you specifically want to work with, what services you will offer (and what you will charge), how you will establish your expertise and the steps to creating your business.

Module 6: Putting Leadership Into Practice: Receive guidance on your next steps and feel prepared as you complete the final one-on-one case study preparation to be a Spiritual Coach


  • 4-Step process to free your mind from troublesome, ingrained thought patterns and karmic loops
  • Following Bliss: A Modern Mystic's Guide to The Hero's Journey ebook and Journey of the Hero outline
  • Define your niche so you separate yourself from other spiritual practitioners
  • Structure your mountain with your offerings and ways to establish passive income and attract clients
  • Recordings from previous Spiritual Coaching courses held online
  • Q&A on how to establish your business

Access to private group in our Campus Community where you can ask questions and get clarity from Alanna and be with a community of others working toward their certification.

Complimentary access to 3 Modern Mystics Academy Certification courses (see below) for 90 days

  • Alchemical Astrology Certification Program™
  • Decoding the Tarot™ Certification Program
  • Alchemy of the Chakras™ Certification Program

You will need to show proficiency in these courses for the final assessment. You can also earn your certifications at no additional cost!

Make a Bigger Impact

This program brings together all our favorite things: yoga, mysticism, astrology, spiritual leadership, chakra healing, tarot, and more ...to give you a powerful area of expertise
 that allows you to make even more impact with your students and clients!

You'll receive comprehensive instruction on the important elements of spiritual coaching and receive the tools you need to build a successful, fulfilling coaching career.

When you complete the Spiritual Coaching Certification program, you will be:

• Certified as a Spiritual Coach with the ability to work one-on-one with clients or small groups (in-person or online) to achieve an elevated level of well-being

• Armed with specific tools for successfully advising people through life challenges and guiding them effectively to the best expression of themselves

• Ready to add an additional income stream to your spiritual business with the tools you need to successfully market and launch your coaching career

Enrollment is open NOW for this online certification program! Don't hesitate to secure your spot!

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Become a Certified Spiritual Coach and be ready to help others through their challenges and reach their goals in 2023!