Yoga. Your Way.

Yoga. Your Way.

For a long time, I struggled to try and figure out what the “right way” to do yoga was.

Maybe you’ve been through this, too.

I got conflicting instruction from different teachers about how to do poses. Just when I thought I knew the correct way to do a posture or a vinyasa, someone would come in and give their two cents.

It was the same with other techniques, too.

Meditation must be silent. No, you can use music during meditation. If you’re not sitting as still as a stone, you’re failing in your meditation practice. Wait, of course you can move around and adjust.

Seems like everyone has an opinion on everything.

Then, I went down a different kind of rabbit hole, and tried to research the origins of the practices.

I thought if I could figure out how yoga was initially done, then that would be the most correct way to do it…right?


Here’s what I found out:

Basically everyone has been making up stuff as they go along.

Historically, yoga practices shift and change dramatically with the times and places that it was being practiced.

Plus, it was really only practiced by one population for many years (men of the priesthood), and that condition doesn’t extend to our modern day practitioners very often. (I, for example, have never been a man of the priesthood 😜).

Not to mention that many texts describe things in wildly different ways, just like modern teachers do.

And, our modern practice is so new, that most teachers are still figuring out how best to do it, anyway.

You know what conclusion I drew after all this madness?

There is only one right way to do yoga. Your way.

To help you discern the best path of practice for you, I drew upon my decades of research and experience and wrote down a formula in my most recent book, Yoga Beyond the Mat.

It provides you with successful techniques for personalizing your yoga practice.

It helps you find exactly what you need, and encourages you to drop the rest.

It gives you permission to be yourself and reminds you that guilt is never part of yoga practice.

It opens you up to new ways of doing yoga that don’t include asana and help you integrate your practice into the life you live every single day.

It shows you how to make yoga your new normal.

Now, I wrote this all down in my book, but I also show you in my online course, too.

Because you’re a part of my *exclusive* tribe of #ModernMystics, I want to give you something special to get you doing yoga your way right away.

This is absolutely my favorite daily practice (it’s SO easy!), and I can’t wait to share it with you!

This video comes to you straight from inside my Yoga Beyond the Mat Course…it’s a secret sneak peek into what the full course features. (P.S. make sure you click the button on the video page for a special opportunity to get one of my favorite courses as a bonus)

In my weekly Facebook Live, I shared more insights into how to take back the power in your yoga practice. You can view the replay below.

Yoga. Your Way.

It’s time to cut through the noise and stop listening to all the experts outside of you telling you what to do. Focus on the expert inside. It’s that expert who knows clearly what’s right for you!