Yoga Psychology: Diving into the Chakras

Yoga Psychology: Diving into the Chakras

Over the course of my life, and the duration of my spiritual practice, one thing has consistently been my go-to resource to tap in, connect, and heal.

The chakras.

Maybe you’ve been similarly intrigued by them. Or, perhaps you’re mystified. Or, maybe you know just enough to be dangerous. 😜

From the get-go, I knew the chakras were something truly special and unique – a true gift from yoga.

It wasn’t until I studied psychology and alchemy that the chakras really came to life for me.

You see, in order to know our wholeness and touch the source of our greatest gifts, we need to know how to commune with our psyche (specifically, our unconscious) and work with what we find to bring it into the light.

By bringing together the wisdom of the chakras with psychology and alchemy, we finally have a way to do that.

We have a process that returns us to ourselves.

I teach this process in-depth in my Alchemy of the Chakras course, but I would like to invite you to two upcoming events and give you a special offer that will allow you to explore this further with me.

Join me for my upcoming webinar that shows you an easy-to-use method to connect with your chakras and start to heal them from the inside out. This knowledge is invaluable for you, for your students, and for your one-on-one clients.

Webinar: Heal the Roots of Emotional Pain Through the Chakras

In this week’s Facebook Live broadcast talked about why the chakras are the most profound tool for healing mind, body, and spirit, and how to connect with them so you can find out exactly what to do to balance them.

Yoga Psychology: Diving into the Chakras

If you want more resilience, clarity, and connection in your life, this is the work you need.

It’s time to do the soul’s work.

I’m excited to show you how. This gets to the heart of our mystical practice and is an essential spiritual tool for the #ModernMystic. I’ll see you on the webinar, on Facebook, or in the online course!