Yoga Psychology: The Power of Personal Practice

Yoga Psychology: The Power of Personal Practice

Did you do your practice today? Are you hoping to get to a class later but the day is already getting away from you? Is the price of a yoga class starting to hurt your pocketbook and your downward dog?

I get it.

Building your own home practice can be daunting.

Before you even begin trying to put together your own home practice you are probably filled with questions like:

  • Are you supposed to practice every day?

  • What if you miss a day because life gets in the way?

  • How long should you practice?

  • And, probably most importantly… What do you do?

I understand these questions. I remember when I first started practicing yoga, getting on the mat in my home was fraught with anxiety. When I finally did figure out what to do, I was riddled with guilt if I missed a day.

There’s no room for guilt in yoga.

This is one of the things I cover in my book, Yoga Beyond the Mat. In it, I help you realize the power of a personal practice, and how to structure it because…

Yoga must fit your life…not the other way around.

The importance of developing your own personal connection to your spiritual practice cannot be underestimated. It can literally save you from life’s greatest challenges. It creates palpable magic in your everyday mystical experience.

A personal practice doesn’t seem as important when things are going smoothly in life, but it’s essential when we hit bumps in the road. Our consistency, no matter what life’s conditions, is what can make or break us when we desperately need spiritual support.

Connecting to our bliss doesn’t have to be a random event. It can be our new normal.

Here’s to taking your Yoga Beyond the Mat! ?

Resources and Links

Do you want to jumpstart your Yoga Beyond the Mat practices? Try A Beginner’s Guide to Taking Your Yoga Beyond the Mat my free eBook which helps you develop your own personal relationship with yoga, directed by your individual needs.

You’ll find all of the tools to take the power of yoga into your own hands in Yoga Beyond the Mat: Making Yoga Your Daily Spiritual Practice. I will help guide you through all of the practices so you can find what works best for you to make the best you.

For a deep dive into yoga for the modern person, Yoga Beyond the Mat: How to Make Yoga Your Spiritual Practice, is your complete step-by-step guidebook for making yoga your daily spiritual practice.