Yoga Online: How to Harness the Power and Practice of Yoga on the Internet

Yoga Online: How to Harness the Power and Practice of Yoga on the Internet

Several years ago, I made a radical decision.

I moved all my offerings online.

The timing of this decision (of course) was horrendous…I was in the midst of finishing grad school, writing my dissertation, and still traveling regularly to teach workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings worldwide.

It was an unrelenting challenge, and a learning curve I greatly underestimated!

But, this move was borne of a vision; a dream that I’d had since I started the first-ever yoga podcast in 2005.

At that time, in the super early stages of podcasting, I was amazed by a couple of key things:

  1. The ability to reach people all over the globe without the need for expensive or time-consuming travel.
  2. The ability to neutralize the playing field in terms of offering high quality yoga education to people anywhere in an affordable way.

After several years of dedicated podcasting, I was hooked on online learning. It was at that time that I vowed to continue to push forward into this field and bring as much of my yoga teaching online as possible.

You can imagine, that was a radical decision!

There was a belief that yoga must be taught in person; that you can’t receive the teachings properly through the Internet.

At the approach of the two year anniversary of the launch of my 500 hour online training, it’s been proven that this idea is Simply. Not. True.

The connections, transformation, depth of knowledge, and ease of access with online learning are astonishing.

I’ve watched people go from yoga enthusiasts to yoga professionals with growing classes and profitable side-hustles as astrologers and tarot readers.

I’ve seen teachers with a passion for knowledge suddenly enabled to further their education without time or money constraints.

I’ve witnessed those with a gift for healing deepen their studies of chakras, spirituality and yoga psychology and differentiate themselves by offering unique modalities like chakra therapeutics to their clients.

And, as this global community has grown, it has been a heartwarming privilege to watch friendships develop, and support systems build.

Yoga can be learned online.

In fact, it is happening everyday in the #ModernMystic community!

If you’re here with me, as a part of my tribe of #ModernMystics, there is a good chance you’ve dipped your toes into the world of online education with me.

If you haven’t yet…what’s holding you back?

Knowledge and depth of practice is waiting for you. So is a vibrant, global group of yogis. The best part? You can get your higher education in yoga on your own time, wherever you happen to be….

On Friday’s Facebook Live Broadcast I talked more about how and why I moved my offerings to the internet, and gave you some tips and tricks to take your yoga education to the next level and make more impact with your yoga career…online! You can view the replay below:

Yoga Online: How to Harness the Power and Practice of Yoga on the Internet

Links and Resources

Here are a few fun (FREE) ways to start (or continue!) your online yoga journey with me:

Ready to embody your yoga and become the best teacher possible? Try my Teacher Training Orientation: Get an 8-day Mini-Sampler of my 500 Hour Online Certification. This is a perfect place to start and gives you a sneak peek of what to expect in my full program!

Or try a mini version of my most popular continuing education course, Alchemy of the Chakras! The 3-Day Chakra Mini-Course: Align Your Energy will teach you, over the course of 3 days the essential tools for getting your subtle body balanced.

I’m so thrilled to be connected to you, and to have you as part of my #ModernMystics tribe. There are no limits to what we can achieve when we work together…online! I’ll see you on the interwebs, and please make sure you join my private Facebook group, exclusively for #ModernMystics!