Yoga & Astrology: Using the Power of the Stars to Skyrocket Your Teaching & Practice

yoga and astrology using the power of the stars to skyrocket your teaching practice

Yoga & AstrologyI know what you’re thinking. Yoga and astrology? How in the world do those things go together?

Well, they do! And, I’ll tell you why: Both are tools of mysticism and self-knowledge. Both act on the principle that the universe is within us, and both give us greater access to elevated consciousness.

Yoga has practices that help us to do this, while Astrology decodes for us what we need to target in those practices.

Trust me when I say, that yoga and astrology go hand in hand. If you want to know what innate patterns to interrupt, astrology shows you. If you’re looking for why you always react in a certain way, astrology shows you. Forget sitting in meditation for years on end to understand the nature of your consciousness, just look at your natal chart, and it is revealed right away.

With this insight, the affects of your yoga practice skyrocket, because you finally know what you’re doing and why.

This is the same reason why famed psychologist, Carl Jung, never saw a patient without reading their natal chart first. It saved him six months of analysis, because he knew exactly what the patient needed.

As yogis, we know exactly what to transform through our practice by understanding our astrological blueprint.

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