Winter Solstice Ceremony & Celebration

Winter Solstice Ceremony & Celebration

Many years ago, my very first astrology teacher (who also happened to be my very first yoga teacher), would invite us to his local yoga studio to celebrate the solstice.

As someone who was not raised in a religious setting, this became the way that I honored the divine, communed with nature, other people, and myself. His ceremonies were beautiful.

Every solstice, we would gather in a circle and chant mantra to help invoke the energy of the coming light (or the coming darkness, during the summer solstice for my friends down under). We created intentions that would set the mood for the season.

The winter solstice is not merely the shortest day of the year.

It is the basis of many historical mythological and spiritual practices. Early people knew that days became shorter and weather became colder at this time of year. They would celebrate the darkness as darkness, because it heralded the return of the sun. In fact, it took about 3 or so days for them to realize the days were getting longer, so the official return of the sun (or, son!) was celebrated around December 24th or 25th…sound familiar?

Psychologically, the winter solstice represents the move toward darkness, coldness, and death. It provides us the space for introspection, reflection, and release. We must experience this fully in order to make the return into the light.

Many in the spiritual community only see the value in praising the light.

That’s not where the magic happens. We earn the light by moving through the dark. Now is the time to engage in our shadow work and fortify ourselves for the coming year.

This is a very powerful astrological moment in time. It is the perfect time for inner work. In fact, we are being called to do it.

In just a couple of days, both the sun and Saturn move into the sign of Capricorn, which asks us to take stock of our maturity levels and commitment to discipline. The world needs us right now more than ever, and though circumstances make it tempting to hide our heads in the sand, it is time to gather your strength, step up to a new level of being, and do the work.

This entire solstice season’s theme reminds me of a recent conversation with a fellow light worker who said, “Next year, I’m coming for you. Right now, our work is more important than ever.” She is right. With old paradigms crumbling, we need to support each other. We need to commune, and be strong for those looking for inspiration in dark times.

Some may have no idea how to approach the coming year.

We do. We have the tools we need to utilize the energies circulating around us to come into accord with them and channel them for good…our own and everyone else’s.

In the spirit of this tremendous time of year, I wanted to turn back to my early days with the solstice ceremonies and lead you through one. The purpose of this ceremony is to honor what is happening now, so that you can come into accord with the energies and use them to propel yourself toward a bright future, while embracing the darkness fully.

Winter Solstice Ceremony & Celebration

I sincerely hope this ritual fuels your solstice celebration, and that you take the time to enjoy the darkness, before the returning light. ?

Happy Solstice, my fellow #modernmystic!


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