What Makes a Modern Mystic? Tools, Tricks, and Tips of the Trade

What Makes a Modern Mystic? Tools, Tricks, and Tips of the Trade

One of the biggest questions I answer regularly is this:

What other stuff do I have to study to be an awesome yoga teacher?

People want to know why their beloved yoga practice is not the silver bullet for everything that ails them or their clients. And, they want to know what else they can add to bolster their spiritual and career goals.

It comes as a surprise to many to realize that maybe yoga itself isn’t enough.

We are often taught that yoga is the panacea for everything…but, is it?

And, our students often demand that we know how to do #allthethings, like:

• Fix physical ailments 👩⚕️
• Give advice on personal matters 🗣
• See into the future 🔮

That’s just a short list.

I started to see this happen as I lead 200 hour teacher training programs. People expected me to know anatomy and how to fix their hamstring or shoulder issues. Then, they wanted me to tell them what to do about their significant other while simultaneously quoting the yoga sutra as part of my advice. Not to mention their need for deep support around spiritual matters and asking big questions about life, the universe, and their place in it.

Cue crystal ball, please!

In response, over the years, I’ve studied a variety of disciplines, and realize more and more that it takes more than yoga to be an awesome yoga teacher.

Yoga itself gives us ample support in terms of philosophy and spiritual practice…but the application requires a modern touch, and to truly serve the whole person, we need to fill in the blanks to be able to answer #allthequestions.

It’s a big job.

Somebody’s gotta do it.

That somebody is YOU

This is what it means to be a Modern Mystic – one who steps into the role of a spiritual leader in this modern age.

Ancient mystics pulled together knowledge from many disciplines, including spirituality, astrology, counseling, energetic anatomy, divination, mantra recitation and more. They utilized every tool in their toolkit to support the spiritual growth of their communities and the individuals seeking extra help.

We must do that for our communities today.

As the famed saying goes: If not us, who? And, if not now, when?

In the spirit of giving you some tools to start your Modern Mystic exploration, I have some goodies for you this week!

Move more deeply into the energetic body in my 🌈 3-day Chakra 🌈 Mini course

Start exploring how to apply ✨ astrology ✨ to your life with my Astro 101 eBook

Learn the basics of creating 🌕 full + new moon 🌑 ceremonies with this handy guide

These three offerings encompass some of my favorite elements of being a Modern Mystic…but I wanted to tell you more! In my weekly Facebook Live I discussed the importance of diversifying your role as a yoga teacher by learning complementary modalities that help you and your students thrive.

What Makes a Modern Mystic? Tools, Tricks, and Tips of the Trade

Looking forward to talking to you about #allthingsmystical with you this week!

Links and Resources

I have 3 webinars that will give you a ton of information about some of my courses.

If you want to take a deep dive into the Chakras sign up for my webinar for the Alchemy of the Chakras.

Are you interested in becoming a certified Astrologer? Sign up for my Astrology for Yogis webinar.

If the Tarot is what interests you the most, check out my Decoding the Tarot webinar.

A great starting point in furthering your education as a Modern Mystic is the Connecting with Your Spirit Guide course.