Want to Know Everything about Becoming a Yoga Teacher?

Want to Know Everything about Becoming a Yoga Teacher?

Making the decision to pursue yoga teacher training is a challenging one. Even though this journey can be exciting and many people hear the call to take the next steps, the decision to become a yoga teacher can be intimidating, too.

For one thing, there are A LOT of yoga teacher training programs out there. I say this as a yoga professional who has built her own program, The Kaivalya Yoga Method, from the ground up. Long before that, however, I was in the same place many people reading this blog post have found themselves: Interested in yoga teacher training but unsure of where to start.

And while I can’t tell you absolutely everything you need to know about finding the right yoga teacher training program or what it’s like to actually step into the role of yoga teacher and spiritual leader, I can give a few tips and suggestions about what to keep in mind.

For one thing, those interested in yoga teacher training shouldn’t immediately select the first training program that they find. It’s important to do your research, compare programs, listen to what’s offered, and pay attention to the option that feels right to you.

This is one place where it’s particularly important to connect with your intuition and the programs and teachers that are calling to you. Everyone needs something different in order to become an extraordinary yoga teacher. Knowing what that means for you is an essential first step.

Interested to learn more about selecting the right yoga teacher training program for you and what it takes to become the best yoga teacher you can be? Check out my YouTube video, Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Yoga Teacher, before you get started on this rewarding path.