Tuning into Your Intuition

Tuning into Your Intuition

The third eye or sixth chakra is situated between your eyebrows. It’s the source of your intuition or higher knowledge.

Often we can’t access our intuition because our mental chatter is SO LOUD. This noise comes from the ego – how we interact with the world, in relationships, our personality and outward appearance. The ego can go in circles and spiral which ends up clouding the higher knowledge that affords us the ability to make great decisions.

Been struggling with making decisions or making ones that don’t serve you? Yup, that’s the message from your third eye and it’s telling you to pay attention.

The Goal of the Third Eye

If it were to be said that yoga had a goal (which it doesn’t really…there’s no final destination in yoga, it’s all about supporting you through endless growth), it would be the ability to use viveka or discernment. The ability to decide for yourself what would most help you as an individual lean toward the light (and away from what is not light).

Being human is complicated and challenging. No doubt. It’s damn hard. And the best thing we can do with our actions, behaviors and decisions is to lean toward the light.

This is a personal decision – there’s no one way to lean toward the light. There’s no one decision that is right. So you can’t just follow what someone else is doing.

We need to remember that life is messy. It’s complicated. We need to make decisions every. damn. second of the day. Every time we decide, there are both good and bad consequences. Even ones we don’t realize.

So when we are able to employ our higher consciousness to help us lean a bit more readily to the light, that is viveka. It allows us to bypass the mental chatter so something brighter can come through.

This is what our sixth chakra asks of us – to lean toward the light so we know that every decision we make is the best one for us.

How to Heal the Third Eye

Meditation is the top way to help your third way and access your higher wisdom. It tells our ego to take a rest for a minute and give us a breather.

One mantra to use is: ‘I am guided by intuition. ’ The repetition of this mantra helps the ego to relax and gives your inner self the confidence to allow any messages from your intuition to come through. The more you practice this, the more your higher wisdom will speak to you so you can hear the messages that lead you toward the light.