The Truth About Horoscopes: They're False!

The Truth About Horoscopes: They're False!

Many of us flip to the back of magazines to read daily horoscopes…in the hopes that the news printed there portrays a happy outlook for us.

Let me just set the record straight once and for all:

Daily horoscopes are wildly inaccurate.

These are a scheme invented by a journalist about 100 years ago to sell papers. He wanted to captivate people’s hopes and dreams by citing the influence of the cosmos.

While astrology is excellent at doing that, daily horoscopes are not. Here’s why:

They focus on what is happening with a particular zodiacal sign, not what’s happening specifically with you. There are 12 zodiac signs, and horoscopes assume that everyone with a particular sun sign are having a similar kind of day. That is even more generic when you read a monthly horoscope!

Do you really think you’re having the SAME kind of day as 1/12 of the world’s population?

Um. No.

Not to mention that when you read your daily horoscope, it is based on your sun sign. Your sun sign is the sign that everyone knows about; the one you answer with when someone asks you, “What’s your sign?”



While your sun sign is a big player in your astrological blueprint, is it one small part of an interconnected dynamic whole. In fact, we are all a very complicated and unique mix of ALL of our signs.

Stop reading daily horoscopes.

Even for those of us who consider ourselves #mystical, it’s a little off the deep end. ? Astrology is a complicated science that takes a look at the energetic psychology at play within us. It takes some finesse and intuition, but it also takes a lot of discipline, calculation and corroboration.

Next time you want to know what kind of day your having, instead of flipping to the back of a magazine, get quiet, and check in with yourself. You know more about your condition, state of mind and well being than even the best astrologers out there.

You are your own expert. That’s truly mystical!