The Successful Yoga Teacher: What That Is and How to Become One

The Successful Yoga Teacher: What That Is and How to Become One

The new year has only just begun. How are you setting yourself up for success?

If you’re anything like me, you have big hopes and aspirations about what you want to do and who you want to serve this year.

Especially if you are a yoga teacher.

None of us gets into this line of work because we want to get rich. ? Right?

We are here because our hearts are in it. This is where our passion lies. We know how yoga and mystical practices have transformed us, and we want to pass these gifts on to others.

But, somewhere along the line we are told that spiritual teachings should be free.

And, so, we are too often undervalued and overworked.

I remember a time, not so long ago, that I picked up my few belongings and moved to the big apple. I was promised a job at a big studio, only to be told that in order to prove myself for that job, I’d have to start by volunteering to clean mats.

It was seva, they told me.

Selfless service.

What I didn’t understand was that in order to be truly selfless, we must first be able to take care of ourselves.

During this time, I was so poor, there was one week that I had $1.47. That’s it. ?

I had to make it last all week until my next paycheck.

Luckily, I had a Metro card so I could get around the city on public transportation, and a Time Out New York magazine that featured complementary events to keep me busy. I spent the dollar and forty-seven cents on a potato, a carrot, and an onion. That along with a bouillon cube, I made a soup that I spent seven days rationing.

All this while, I was cleaning mats, waiting for my big chance to finally be asked to teach at the studio.

I share this story because it’s one you probably know all too well.

Maybe you’ve been asked to teach without compensation, or give up your own precious resources to “earn” the right to share your gifts with others.

Perhaps you’ve been told that spiritual teachings should be free…that they are in a sense, worthless.

Is that true?

From my perspective, spiritual teachings are the most valuable lessons we can offer or receive in this life.

They are, in fact, priceless.

My guess is that you’ve invested a ton in your education and developing your skills. You value yoga and mystical teachings.

Why doesn’t everyone else?

Here’s the thing: they do.

People greatly value your work. They want your gifts! It’s time to break out of the old conditioning and value yourself.

When you charge appropriately for your work, people value it more highly.

When you have enough abundance to take care of yourself and your needs (and not just a meager stew until your next paycheck arrives), you are able to give more of yourself to others.

That is selfless service. Seva.

But, how do you do this? How do you become a conduit for that longed-for abundance so many discuss in spiritual circles? How do you shift the current model to stop struggling and start thriving?

It is more than possible…it is necessary.

It’s time to turn the old model on its head, say yes to your abundance, and take care of yourself.

It is from this place that you are able to selflessly care for others with your work.

I’m sure this is truly at the ❤ of what you long for as a spiritual leader!

I’d like to help give you the tools you need to create the abundance you seek, and build a career that thrives and feeds you in all the ways you long to be nourished.

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The Successful Yoga Teacher: What That Is and How to Become One

It is exciting to share these tools with you, as I’m deeply invested in helping you, my fellow spiritual torchbearer….thrive!

Let’s tap into the flow of abundance together, and in doing so, share more of ourselves with the world. ?