The Psychology of Astrology: Why the Stars Are the Key to Success

The Psychology of Astrology: Why the Stars Are the Key to Success

I just learned something really cool recently!

Did you know that there is an ancient holiday that celebrates Saturn? Saturnalia!

Yeah, the planet and the god.

Because for the Romans, these were one and the same. The energy of the god was expressed through the planet, and vice versa. The archetype of Saturn is the taskmaster, the doer-of-things, the pressure to manifest dreams into reality, and the ability to get down to business.

For most of the year, Saturn’s energy presses us to work, work, work. (If you are a Capricorn, you will be very familiar with this!)


On December 17th (ahem, my birthday ?), the Saturnalia festival kicks off for a 6-day party that turns work into play, has masters serving slaves, frees Saturn from his oppressive bonds (they used to put scratchy wool socks on the statues all the rest of the year), and encourages us all to have a complete release of inner blocks and follow our bliss.

We all need a reprieve at some point.

This holiday, just like many others, centers around the transitionary time of the year when we move from darkness to light. The winter solstice (the topic of next week’s newsletter) historically heralds hope, and cultures have sought many different ways to acknowledge it.

Though Saturnalia may be an ancient festival, the archetypal energy of Saturn is alive and well within us.

If you’ve worked hard this year…

If you’ve sacrificed your time or energy for something bigger than you…

If you’ve manifested your dreams into reality…

Then, you are working the Saturn energy, and it’s high time to celebrate! ??

And, we are perfectly poised to do so this year in particular, because not only does the sun move into the sign of Capricorn on the 21st, but so does Saturn.

Saturn will be in the sign of Capricorn for the Next. Three. Years.

What does this mean for you?

Capricorn and Saturn have very similar archetypal signatures. Both work hard. Both manifest their dreams into reality. Both are interested in personal growth. And, both are bent on creating structures and systems that work well for them.

It really is a Saturn party!

And, I want you to celebrate. The busy-ness of the year gets a bit of reprieve for a few days. It’s time to take some rest, and rejuvenate yourself for what is sure to be a successful next three years. This powerful energetic signature represents a part of our collective and individual psyches, so while you and I create our best version of reality and systems to put it into place…

We will be watching the world do the same thing.

The chaos will come to order. Our level of collective responsibility will increase. Things will begin to make sense (finally). And, old systems that don’t work will break down (thank goodness!).

So, if I hadn’t convinced you yet that now is a good time to celebrate, I hope this does it!

This is the time to create the best structures for a new reality on this planet.

You are sorely needed for this astrological call-to action! So, this week on my Facebook Live broadcast, I talked more about the energies alive right now in the cosmos, how you can take advantage of them, what to look forward to for 2018, and why astrology is such a helpful tool for you as a spiritual practitioner.

The Psychology of Astrology: Why the Stars Are the Key to Success

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If astrology is something you dabble in – maybe you read horoscopes, or celebrate the full and new moon – then this is the perfect time to take things up a notch and turn your interests into a skill set. Join me for my next astrology webinar and learn how the professional practice of astrology helps you make more impact (and income!) in your yoga career.

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Take some time over the next week to rest up and honor your inner light, because the time has come for you to shine it brightly in the world and create the foundational structures that allow you to do so. 2018 is waiting for you, and Saturn’s energy wants you to be ready! As always, I’m here to support you in any way I can in becoming the modern day spiritual torchbearer the world is calling you to be.

So glad we’re together on the journey, my fellow #modernmystic!