The Foundation of Happiness: Guided Gratitude Meditation

The Foundation of Happiness: Guided Gratitude Meditation


Here in America, we celebrate Thanksgiving during the month of November. No matter where you live in the world, the tradition of offering thanks is a profound one for many reasons.

But, one reason, in particular stands out amongst all others:

Gratitude is at the heart of every positive human emotion.

In order for us to feel happiness, joy, belonging, and love, we must start with gratitude.

Cultivating gratitude is one of the simplest ways to change your outlook on life, find the good in otherwise challenging situations, and connect more deeply to others.

As yoga practitioners, we ❤️ connection.

In fact, yoga means connection. The process of yoga is the process of joining (uniting) two seemingly opposite things together.

At this time of immense division–whether it be division between us personally, politically, globally, or socially–how do we even begin to back out of the separation and into connection? How do we let go of our judgments of others, or an us vs. them attitude, or forgive those who have wronged us?

We begin with gratitude.

Gratitude alleviates fear. It dissolves painful emotion. It evolves negative thought. It reverses false belief systems.

Gratitude is a miracle worker, and you can let it work for you.

There is no time like the present to start inviting more gratitude into your life. Any small measure of it has profound effects.

It also multiplies itself. A little gratitude reveals even more.

Through gratitude, your heart cracks open. That’s how the light gets in.

Gratitude is a healing process. It is a unifying process. It is beneficial for all.

And, it’s really easy!

This week, on my Facebook Live broadcast, I teach you one of my most favorite practices: gratitude meditation. I featured it in my recent book, Yoga Beyond the Mat, and it’s a practice I employ every day. Gratitude meditation is easy, and once you learn it, you can do it every day, too!

The Foundation of Happiness: Guided Gratitude Meditation


More than anything this week, I want to say:


One of the things I offer gratitude for every single day is you!

It is a great honor and joy to have you as a part of my tribe of #ModernMystics. As one who is passionate about the process of yoga, and the deeper teachings of spirituality, it is awesome to know that there are others out there, like me, who are interested in taking their yoga beyond the mat, and stepping into the role of spiritual leadership that we are called to right now.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for being engaged. And, most of all, thank you for taking what you’ve learned here and sharing it with others.

Only when we shine our own light do we empower others to do the same.

Keep your light on, #ModernMystic! ?