The Art of Chakra Therapeutics: Heal Yourself and Others Through the Chakras

The Art of Chakra Therapeutics: Heal Yourself and Others Through the Chakras

Do you love the chakras as much as I do? ❤️💛💚💙💜

More than anything else I teach about, people ask for wisdom on the seven chakras.

Whether they are beginners or seasoned practitioners, it’s always, “chakras, chakras, chakras!”

In fact, my husband has a theory about this (yes, I’m married. 🤪).

He’s been to quite a few of my chakra lectures, and watched my many Facebook Live broadcasts on the topic. His theory as to why we are so obsessed with the chakras is this:

They’re intangible, and difficult to remember.

Sort of like sand, the knowledge of the chakras slips through your toes…but we still want to walk on the beach!

What if I could make the chakras tangible for you?

What if there was a concrete way for you to know the chakras, without fail, every time? What if you saw them as more than just energy centers, and cultivated a relationship with them as a way to communicate with your body, psyche, and soul?

How cool would that be!?

Well, I’ve been teaching this technique for years. I wrote about it in my book, Yoga Beyond the Mat, and it’s at the heart of my (most popular course, ever) Alchemy of the Chakras program.

And, I want to teach it to you right now.

Below is a link to a guided meditation – straight from inside my Alchemy of the Chakras course – that puts you in direct touch with your energy centers. (I’m only sharing this with you because you’re an exclusive member of my Modern Mystics tribe!)

This meditation teaches you about the chakras in a way that you can feel them, understand them, communicate with them, and learn from them.

Your chakras are the doorways to bliss. 🚪

Let’s get them open!


(FYI, I recorded this video mere days after my thyroidectomy 🦋 …so my voice is a little scratchy. Go easy on me!)

Finally, since it’s “chakras chakras chakras” this week, I talked about them on my weekly Facebook Live broadcast, too. Are you ready to hear more about how the chakras give us the opportunity to do our shadow work, bridge the unconscious, and transform ourselves from the inside out?

Wisdom of the Chakras: Let the Body Speak

This work is so powerful, and I’m thrilled to have so many different ways to share it with you. I hope you’ll take advantage of everything I am offering this week, and use it to deepen your relationship with the subtle body…the wisdom stored there is the key to your bliss! 🧘‍♂️

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The Art of Chakra Therapeutics: Heal Yourself and Others Through the Chakras
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