The Abundance Principle: How to Tap Into It

The Abundance Principle: How to Tap Into It

What is your biggest struggle as a yoga teacher? I’ll bet I know what it is…

I think it’s this:

Money. ?

It’s a tricky subject, isn’t it?

In fact, I bet you’re wondering why I’m coming to you with such a challenging topic this week.

Well, it’s precisely because no one else in our community seems particularly willing to talk about it!

Somewhere along the line, the money conversation became taboo. ?

It became shameful to ask for it…forget about asking for more of it.

So for a very long time, many of us have been stuck in a poverty mentality that debilitates the individual yoga teacher, and robs students of valuable teachings.

I get it. I’ve been there.

I spent years of my life trying to climb out of money struggles with the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking. Here’s the sad news:

That stuff doesn’t work.

Neither does tricking yourself into “believing you’re already abundant” when your cupboards are empty and you wonder how to make your next rent check.

The issue isn’t lack of talent, drive, or education. I know you have that in droves

It’s not because you don’t believe in yourself highly enough, or don’t have anything to offer, either. You have so much to give.

It certainly isn’t because you don’t work hard. I know you work your ? off.

The problem with not being able to make enough money is simply because no one taught you how to do it as a yoga teacher.

In your 200 hour teacher training, you *might* have gotten a 2 hour lecture on the “business of yoga” which included how to survive an audition to get a class and how to format your resume…if you were lucky.

No one told you how to dominate social media to build your tribe.

No one taught you how to create passive streams of income so you could take a day off, for goodness sake.

No one explained the best ways to create your niche and establish yourself as the expert so that you are the one people turn to when they need what you have to offer.

Nobody mentioned the importance of valuing yourself properly so you earn what you are worth.

It’s a bummer! ?

Are you ready to be at the forefront of shifting that mentality?

Do you want to learn the actionable skills that actually bring abundance…not just the mindset of it?

Oh, and are you interested in overcoming the belief that you don’t deserve to earn what you are worth…and more?

If so, check out the recording of my Facebook live below and the 3 Steps to More Time, More Freedom, and More Money as a Yoga Teacher webinar in Resources and Links. They both help you to turn the current paradigm on its head and put you on track to make more impact (and income) with your yoga career. It is possible. I want to teach you how.

The Abundance Principle: How to Tap Into It

This is a big topic, and I am very excited to tackle it with you. I want to help you set yourself up for the most success possible. Take the time to create the true abundance you deserve and start operating from a place of fearlessness. This is your year! ?

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Are you ready to learn the actionable skills that will bring you more abundance? Register for the 3 Steps to More Time, More Freedom, and More Money as a Yoga Teacher webinar.