Episode 9 - Spiritual Entrepreneurship: Coming to Grips with Making an Impact AND an Income as a Spiritual Leader

Episode 9 - Spiritual Entrepreneurship: Coming to Grips with Making an Impact AND an Income as a Spiritual Leader

Money is often a dirty word in the yoga and spiritual communities, and the idea that we should make money as spiritual entrepreneurs is often ridiculed, shunned, and shamed. This is an outdated way of thinking, and that belief system keeps us small and impoverished.

In this podcast episode, I share my insights on two decades of wading through this particular challenge, and coming out the other side with a multi-six figure business. I offer specific tips and tricks to elevate your spiritual entrepreneurship and embrace your inherent value.

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Spiritual entrepreneurship. I know this idea can be difficult. Please believe me, I have lived and led this dream for many, many years, and it’s a struggle that I’ve been through personally.

I am of the whole-hearted belief that you should not be broke doing what you do. In fact, I think you should be thriving. The type of work that you do as a spiritual leader is incredibly valuable, and it is needed.

But throughout history in the spiritual and yoga community, there has been a terrible stigma that says, “Oh my gosh, because you’re a spiritual teacher you shouldn’t charge for what you do."

Well, my friend, we’ve got to stop shooting ourselves in the foot.

We need to charge for what we do.

When we don’t value our work, when we give it away for free, we are telling the world it is not valuable.

Most of us have invested quite a bit of money in our education. If we think about it for a minute, there are a lot of other careers where when you invest in your education, you are rewarded with a higher income. 

It’s odd that in yoga and spiritual circles that’s actually not thought of as the case. I’ve experienced this personally as a business woman with people emailing to say I shouldn’t charge for what I do.

We need to eliminate this idea. To thrive as a spiritual leader and human being, you need to charge for your services. Bottom line.

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