Solar Eclipse + New Moon in Virgo (9/1/16): Embrace a New Layer of Healing

Solar Eclipse + New Moon in Virgo (9/1/16): Embrace a New Layer of Healing

September features two eclipses in a row, starting with a solar eclipse during the new moon in Virgo on September 1st. The next event is a lunar eclipse during the full moon in Pisces on September 16th.

This makes all of September an incredibly potent month to start, end, renew, reevaluate and deepen all areas of life. The energy of an eclipse lasts six month or more, so use the preliminary energy of Virgo in the month to be cautious and careful of all you cultivate during this cosmic time. The lunar eclipse in Pisces is a good time to immerse yourself in transcendence and oneness, and let go of all that doesn’t serve your spiritual needs.

The new moon coupled with a solar eclipse makes this lunation powerful enough…its energy and intensity having lasting effects for us, so the importance of cultivating its energy for the highest benefit in our lives cannot be underestimated. It brings out all the qualities of Virgo: tapping into our initial wounds, calling us to heal ourselves, asking us to take care of our bodies and pursue optimal health, all while tending to the importance details and messages throughout our life. This is no small feat for anyone on a normal day, let alone with the focus of the powerful new moon and eclipse.

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Get your zodiac cheat sheet now!

This cosmic event has other factors that intensify its significance as it makes an important aspect (known as a T-square) with Neptune, Saturn and Mars. These energies all collide asking us to channel Virgo’s power and attention to health and healing through practices of transcendence and spirituality (yoga, anyone?). There is tremendous pressure to do this right now, coupled with the willpower necessary to get it done. If ever there was a time to reignite your self-healing practices on a physical, mental, spiritual or psychic level, the time is now. Even better if you can reassert your energy into a practice that heals you on all those levels.

Interestingly, during this very intense time, there is also very smooth support from perhaps our most challenging planet, Pluto. As the archetype of death and resurrection, Pluto’s energy asks us to seek transformation on the deepest levels possible; to turn over things we’ve repressed, or ignored within our shadow. Pluto ultimately wants us to be self-aware, allowing all that is dark to fall away. During this new moon and eclipse, take time to surrender what is no longer needed, and do the depth work necessary to get real with yourself and transform what is underneath the core wound. Like a splinter left in the body, the surface wound may heal, but underneath it will fester. Until we get to the source of the wound and resolve the central issue, we are not completely healed.

Virgo’s new moon implores us to heal and take care of ourselves. Through our spiritual practice, through depth and shadow work, and by being honest with ourselves, we set the stage for a brand new layer of truth, health and leadership to take place in our lives.

Alchemical Ritual for Virgo New Moon

As an earth sign, Virgo is a lover of life experiences. Grounded and practical, Virgo enjoys when things are organized, when communication is clear and when health is optimized. At its best, Virgo is in service to others. On the low side, however, this easily turns to martyrdom when Virgo serves others and neglects itself. This new moon ritual for Virgo helps to realize the importance of self-care while strengthening its sense of worthiness, making it an even more powerful servant of love and selflessness.

Virgo’s ancient ruler is Mercury, but its modern ruler is Chiron. This newer addition to the astrological slate bolster’s Virgo’s energy with his powerful ability to be a healer and mentor. This is the role that so many with Virgo energy gravitate toward, and so Chiron is a welcome addition to Virgo’s planetary rulership. To enhance this energy in your ritual, gather sparkling stones like chalcedony, or perhaps a shiny silver vessel and place them in the center of your ritual space. Bring in the earth element in some way, either by filling the silver vessel with dirt, placing a plant nearby, or do the ritual outside. Eucalyptus or Lavender essential oil can be used to anoint your throat chakra before and after your ceremony. Use sage, sweet grass or palo santo to cleanse yourself and the space by casting the smoke over yourself and encircling your own body three times. Light a few candles and dim the lights. Sit in the center of your space and place the hands on the ground. Connect deeply to earth energy and call forth the healing wisdom it offers. Feel the energy moving into your seat, your legs, your hands and up through your body into your heart and throat. Coordinate the breath with the flow of energy. When you establish a consistent current, meditate on the question: What needs to be healed right now? Your answer is not trivial, and it will likely come quietly and simply. Any running dialogue is not from the heart, but from the ego, so listen closely to the answer from the heart. Once you receive your answer, choose one stone or talisman, hold it firmly in your right hand and say the following invocation out loud:

Chiron, show me the path of greatest healing, and Mercury, let follow that path clearly.

Spend a few moments in quiet contemplation. Clear the mind of thoughts completely. Feel the sensation within the heart, and allow for the invocation to sink in and begin to show you your path. Allow any symbols, sensations, emotions or energy to arise and continue to quietly witness all that happens without judgement or thought.

When complete, place your hand on your heart and chant Om three times. Place your hands in prayer at the heart with the stone inside and recognize this talisman that you have now charged with the energy of your heart’s desire. Snuff the candles and place the talisman somewhere prominently enough that you are reminded daily of the path to your heart’s fullest expression. This ritual creates a connection between you and your highest self, and allows you to walk forward on a clear path of healing for yourself and others.