Setting Spiritual Goals for 2018: Sadhana, Satsang, and Fun Stuff

Setting Spiritual Goals for 2018: Sadhana, Satsang, and Fun Stuff

Wow, it’s hard to believe it is nearly December. I don’t know about you, but 2017 has certainly flown by!

Have you even thought about 2018 yet? ?

What is next year going to look like for you? What goals are you aiming to achieve?

Goal-setting is so important! It gives us focus and direction in our lives, as well as provides a sense of purpose, and infuses passion into our endeavors.

While we must always be flexible (best quality of a yogi, I always say!) and allow our goals to shift even as we reach for them, setting a destination from the start gives us clarity on the shape of our future.

Rather than be passive observers of our fate, we become active welders of our destiny.

Amongst the many life goals you may set for yourself next year, I imagine that you also have spiritual goals, too.

Having a clear set of spiritual goals ensures you never become complacent in your spiritual practice, or teaching/healing practice. As lightworkers, we can only bring our students and clients as far as we’ve gone ourselves. Because of this, we must always deepen our studies, hone our craft, and do the shadow work required for us to be clear vessels for the teachings we offer.

This week, on my Thursday Facebook Live, I shared some techniques to set yourself up for a successful 2018, and how to create spiritual goals that you can have fun achieving. It’s important that we stay engaged in our personal practice, but that we also have a community to come together and support each other throughout the process. If you miss the Facebook Live you can watch the replay below.

Setting Spiritual Goals for 2018: Sadhana, Satsang, and Fun Stuff

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You can find guided practices in my book Yoga Beyond the Mat and my course Yoga Beyond the Mat: Making Yoga Your Daily Spiritual Practice.

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