Sagittarius New Moon: Expanding Spiritual Horizons

Sagittarius New Moon: Expanding Spiritual Horizons
The new moon in Sagittarius on November 29, 2016, urges us into a state of joy and enthusiasm! After the tensions and troubles of the past few months, it is time to shift into a more playful and engaged attitude. Sagittarius supports long-range travel and exploration of foreign cultures. But, if you are home-bound, you may satisfy this urge through studying philosophy, religion or mythology.
This moon also calls us to reaffirm that we are living our life in accordance with our soul’s purpose. If you feel uneasy or apathetic about life, it is time to redirect your energy to whatever it is lights you up from the inside out. Use Sagittarius’ penchant for expansion to help you explore new ideas or ways of life.
The Sagittarius new moon makes a close relationship to Neptune, which encourages us to expand our spiritual horizons and stay close to our favorite transcendent practices (meditation, yoga, and the alchemical ritual outlined below are good options). This truly is a time to get connected, explore new worlds and remain connected to our highest calling. Make sure you take advantage of this energy and use Sagittarius’ youthful exuberance to get a new lease on life.
Alchemical Ritual for the Sagittarius New Moon
As a fire sign, Sagittarius is known for its vivacity, tenacity and exuberance. On the low side, this easily becomes egotistical, dogmatic and aloof. This new moon ritual for Sagittarius highlights the high side of Sag which allows us to explore our inherent belief systems and expand fully into an authentic expression of joy.
Sagittarius and Jupiter, help me expand the wisdom of my spirit, and let my soul’s deepest truths be focused outward in an authentic expression of my life.
Feel the presence of the symbol or talisman and allow it to appear in your mind’s eye. Focus on the breath and tune in to its image. Allow for any messages or feelings from the image to arise. Rather than engage in dialogue with it, simply let the image speak to you. Spend a few moments quietly listening to the image. Sit with the message given to you by the symbol or talisman. Absorb it, and reap the fruits of the message in your body. When complete, take a few breaths, then chant Om three times, and snuff the candles. Place your talisman in prominent view and whenever you see it, let it remind you to stay connected with your soul’s fullest expression of authenticity. This image (and others) serve to be outward expressions of our deepest truths. It is a reminder of how we use symbols to make sense of our world and bring to life that which is within us. Let it help you bring forth the light that is within you.