Episode 2: Step Into Your Role as a Spiritual Leader

Episode 2: Step Into Your Role as a Spiritual Leader

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What is spiritual leadership
  • Why it’s vital to step into your role as a spiritual leader
  • How Mystery Schools have shaped our spiritual past and what impact they can have on our future

What is a spiritual leader?

A yoga teacher who goes above and beyond to guide and support people through their spiritual growth and progress by counseling them with a variety of mystical, psychological, and spiritual tools is a spiritual leader. We, as yoga teachers, are primely poised to guide people in this endeavor.

To give you some historical context, the industrial revolution changed the landscape of how people come together, seek counsel, and develop personal beliefs. We began a love affair with all things science and industry. During this time people moved away from their native mythology and religious practices.

This was also the birth of psychology which gained popularity quickly as people were now in search of counselors to help them understand and solve their problems…except that psychology focuses on the clinical aspects of the mind, leaving us bereft of soul-level answers.

Both Science and Psychology do not address spiritual problems, per se. Modern people feel this lack of spirituality, which we see commonly when our yoga students ask us about things beyond how to stretch hamstrings or alignment in triangle pose. A full 25% of the psyche is interested in mysticism and spirituality, which leaves us feeling disconnected if we do not already follow a faith or spiritual practice.

The God-sized hole left by a lack of spiritual practice needs to be filled with something. For 30 million people, yoga is the thing that fills that hole.

Yoga isn’t just asana. People are not drawn to yoga only for the physical workout. People feel more than just physical benefits from yoga classes.

They continue to do yoga because they feel better mentally and emotionally. They feel better about their lives and are more resilient so the little things don’t bother them as much.

When we move forward in a direction, because not just our body or our mind thinks we should, but our spirit thinks we should as well, we feel a sense of awe and ease, and we are more in alignment with our soul’s purpose.

You know that your students want more from you than just asana because they are asking you questions like: What should I do in my relationship? What am I meant to do?

How can you step into your role as a spiritual leader?

You need a lot of knowledge. Luckily, I’m here to help. 😀

Long ago, there were mystery schools where acolytes learned to become priests and priestesses. They were called mystery schools because much of what was taught was a mystery except to those in them. We know they included physical practices, astrology, one-on-one counseling, healing techniques, chanting and musical traditions and methods of divination.

Mystery Schools – in the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian cultures – trained acolytes to become priests and priestesses that held the contemporary spiritual wisdom and supported people on their spiritual path.

We can draw upon many of these same practices to help our current students. For example, we can use astrology, chakra therapeutics, and tarot to help our students find the answer to their most burning questions.

I have been using and teaching all of these tools with my students for years. All of these teachings are featured in my Modern Mystics Academy which gives you 150 hours of higher education for spirituality.

In addition, I've opened the Spiritual Coaching Certification program to teach others to step into the role of Spiritual Leader combining the mystical, psychological, and spiritual tools to offer guidance and counseling. People are needing this now more than ever.

I invite you to step into this role and discover how you can guide people through their soul searching and find the answers they seek.

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