Your Questions Answered: Q & A with Alanna

Your Questions Answered: Q & A with Alanna

Sometimes life gives you questions…well, I’ve got some answers!

This week on my Facebook Live broadcast, I opened up the floor to all the #ModernMystics in my tribe to ask any questions they had for me about mysticism, yoga, mythology, and more.

What ensued was a fun and lively discussion of all those topics and everything in between!

Here are some of the questions I got:

Meli: Ooo this is perfect! ❤I had a question that came up for me after your live on healthy relationships. Being happy when others are happy, sad when they’re sad etc. The last one I believe when people are angry or in a negative mindset I believe you said just hear them out but don’t engage in that energy. How would we do this if someone is coming to us for advice?

Paola: What about a friend that likes to see herself as better than everybody else, that is talking all the time about other people and comparing them with her? I notice that it affects me… and I feel I don’t want to be around that, but I don’t know how to deal with it cause I don’t want to hurt my friend…

Janelle Anna: If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice as you started your mystical journey, what would it be?

Savannah: I have always had a fascination with different cultures and their mythologies. I think it stems from growing up with a grandfather who loved to tell stories. In elementary school I lived in Indonesia and have very vivid memories of watching ancient stories play out in the form of shadow puppets. So when I found The Kaivalya Yoga Method, it felt a little bit like fate. Anyway, I have watched several “From Myth to Pose” episodes on youtube and really love the way you tell stories. SO my question is- do you have a favorite myth? If so what is it and why is it your favorite?

In the video below, you’ll hear my most favorite piece of advice, learn how to navigate tough relationships and negative people, and listen to me recount my most favorite myth of the monkey god, Hanuman.

Links & Resources Mentioned in the Video:

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