The Power of Voice: Elevate Your Presence & Presenting Techniques

The Power of Voice: Elevate Your Presence & Presenting Techniques

As a yoga teacher – no matter what style or tradition you teach – you use the same primary tool as everyone else:

Your voice.

Have you ever considered how powerful the voice is as your means of conveying the impact of yoga on others?

And, have you thought about how to optimize your voice so that everything you say delivers the potency of the practice in the most effortless and concise way?

Many teachers are never taught specifically how to develop a confident presence with the voice and use high-level communication skills to present not just movements…but meaning.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that knowledge of the practice does not necessarily translate into the charisma necessary to captivate others. And, understanding the mechanics of yoga is not always indicative of one’s ability to build rapport with those you teach the mechanics too.

These are skills we must learn, just like anything else in our practice.

Some of us may be born with the ability to move others with our speech. Even so, developing that talent further only helps us become stronger teachers.

Most of us need additional work on our speaking skills.

If this is something we’ve never examined, then we have a tremendous amount to gain by taking a look at how we use our words to deliver the teachings that come from our heart.

This is something that I have built into all my teacher training courses over the years because I’ve never taken for granted that someone will just “get it” and magically know how to take their seat as a teacher and command a room with their voice.

I want to level the playing field and make sure that all my teacher training students – regardless of their personal style, expression, or penchant for the practice – has the skills to take the seat as the teacher and refine their delivery so that the yoga comes through them as clearly and powerfully as possible.

Whether you are a long-time teacher or are just embarking on your journey, the value of learning (or reviewing) these skills cannot be underestimated. In my online 500-hour teacher training program, my team of mentors helps you refine your delivery and elevate your speaking skills with one-on-one coaching and feedback.

No matter how you look at it, your voice is your most important tool as a yogi. It’s our primary means of communicating the wisdom of yoga.

I look forward to helping you develop your skills further so you can create more of the things #ModernMystics love: compassion, joy, and bliss!


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