Episode 8: The Five Koshas: A Deeper Look at How The Body Speaks

Episode 8: The Five Koshas: A Deeper Look at How The Body Speaks

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In this episode, we’ll discover all of the different layers of the body called “koshas,” and how they come together to make our work even more enlightened and enlivened as we serve our clients. As yoga teachers, we have a different kind of access to the body than other practitioners. We’ll discover another way to look at the body, that will serve your clients beyond what they might hear from a traditional doctor or therapist, learn to dig deeply for the root cause of discomfort or pain, and how our roles as spiritual leaders provide a different pathway to healing for our clients.

We’ll dive into another way to look at the mind/body/spirit complex, called the koshas. And there are more than one, in fact, there are five kosha in the body.

  • Annamaya
  • Pranamaya
  • Manomaya
  • vigyanmaya
  • Anandamaya

Our physical body shows the world how we hold or carry our truth.

Each kosha or layer essentially wraps the one beneath it. I will walk you through each one in this episode, starting from the outermost layer, and progressing to the most inner layer. I’ll also give you a metaphor for how to look at them, and understand them a little more deeply. We’ll learn how an imbalance in the layers affect us not only mentally and spiritually but physically.

Your physical posture is affected because something on the deepest layer of your body isn’t balanced. So, while there is help and assistance for some of the outer layers, you and I as spiritual leaders get to help our clients and our students on the deeper levels.

It’s so exciting that we have the opportunity for a greater level of health and wellbeing for all. And my friend, that is the greatest services we can provide to those with whom we work.

I challenge you to rise up to this task, and I want to provide you with as many resources as possible. This podcast certainly is one of them. And of course, along with this podcast, I’m providing you with a freebie, a guide to the koshas.

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