Episode 5: Modern Mystics: Why You Are SO Necessary

Episode 5: Modern Mystics: Why You Are SO Necessary

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Let’s start by defining what is mysticism? Mysticism is the collection of mystical practice practiced by mystics. Mysticism specifically is an inward turning path of spirituality.

Mysticism specifically is an inward turning path of spirituality. Historically, there has always been a mystical arm of any mythological practice. So for example, in Christianity, the mystical practice or equivalent is Gnosticism, in Islam, the mystical practice is Sufism, and in Judaism, the mystical practice is Kabbalah. For Hinduism, the mystical practice is yoga.

Today, yogis are increasingly being called to step into the role of spiritual leader. Historically, these skills were taught in mystery schools.

Yoga is a spiritual philosophy that allows us to pour into it whatever belief system we might hold

What were mystery schools?

We know that mystery schools taught counseling practices that they counseled individual community members through challenging problems, we know that mystery schools provided the support for their community by performing the rituals and rights of important holidays. We know that every mystery school had an astrological system and looked to the stars to plot important cultural events. We know that every mystery school had forms of divination where they were able to get answers to their community’s biggest questions immediately.

In this episode, we talk about what tools we need today as Modern Mystics to help our students and how we can step into our roles as spiritual leaders.

Learn why so much of our human psyche depends on spirituality and why so many people today are craving that connection. Everyone has a psyche. Your psyche is the entirety of your psychology and about 25% of your psyche is dedicated to the mysteries of life, to the mysteries of spirit, to the spiritual and mythological function.

All of us have this need, but unless we have a way to actually satisfy it, we’re going to be broken up by it. We’re going to have challenges because of it. When we don’t have a place to go for community support in terms of our belief systems, we feel very alone.

This is where you, the yoga teacher comes in. You can learn the tools used by ancient mystics to answer life’s biggest questions.

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