Episode 4: Your Yoga Business: Kicking it Up a Notch

Episode 4: Your Yoga Business: Kicking it Up a Notch

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In this episode, we’ll be talking about your yoga business.

I know that there’s often a lot of stigma in yoga about discussing money and business tactics. We’re going to try to bust through those blocks today and talk about why it’s so important that you start thinking outside the yoga box and why it’s not okay to be an impoverished Yogi.

Studies show that we need to earn a certain amount of income in order to relieve financial stresses.

We’ll talk a little bit about how the system works against you and three things you can do right now to start increasing your bottom-line.

  1. Build social media skills – Build your yoga community outside of the studio (Download Free Social Media Guide)
  2. Create valuable online content – What offering of yours could be your money maker
  3. Create a business to support this structure

The first thing you need to do in building your yoga business is getting comfortable as a yogi business person. Get comfortable with that idea, you can hold onto your authenticity and yogic ideals, even as you stand in your power as a business person. Being a business person means that you’re ready to do marketing, you’re ready to write email newsletters, you’re ready to dive into some of the things that feel hard and difficult for you.

This is something that I teach in my Upward Facing Business Academy and the reason that I’ve put this Business Academy together is that I wish I had support like this years ago. It would’ve stopped me from wasting tons of time and money, it would’ve lifted the stress of being broke if I had had this kind of support. And you know as well as I do, those business tactics aren’t really taught in yoga teacher training.

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