Episode 18 - Self Care for Success: Prioritizing Your Time for Creativity and Growth

Episode 18 - Self Care for Success: Prioritizing Your Time for Creativity and Growth

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I’m excited to share with you today something a little different. I just returned from my first-ever team retreat to Belize. It was something that I’d organized myself and put together, but I’d never done it before. Doing this made me realize the importance of slowing down, taking time, and bringing your favorite people together in order to brainstorm and take your career to the next level.

I want to share with you some things that you can do right now no matter where you are, whether or not you have a team of people, and whether or not you can lead someone on a retreat to a foreign destination for some great brainstorming and insight. I’ll give you some insights as to what I learned and what you could put into practice right now to change the game in your career as a yoga teacher.

Life is your yoga. Life is your practice.

Many people think that being a yoga teacher is all sparkles, rainbows, and butterflies. And it is a lot of that, it’s a wonderful career and the things that we do bring joy to people’s lives. But it’s also a lot of work, being on, giving a hundred percent of yourself all the time can be draining, especially if you never take time for yourself or time to relax.

In this episode we’ll talk about:

  • Changing your mindset
  • How to cultivate creativity in the absence of stress
  • 3 Self-Care secrets that will improve your life and business

I know many yogipreneurs, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs think that they have to do everything themselves for it to get done right. Sometimes that’s true, but in all cases, you don’t have to do everything yourself. You can let go of the “rightness” in favor of getting it done without added stress to you.

Taking time for yourself isn’t a luxury, it is an absolute necessity.

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