Episode 12 - The Journey of the Yogi: The Path of Psychological Transformation

Episode 12 - The Journey of the Yogi: The Path of Psychological Transformation

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As yoga teachers and students, we are all interested in transformation, but do we know how to create it?

When we understand the true path of transformation, we know how to create it and we know how to replicate it, then we can actually reach the very end of this transformational cycle which is our own liberation, our own hero status. In this podcast, I’m going to introduce you to the Hero’s Journey, the journey that we all walk on the path of transformation, as spiritual practitioners and spiritual leaders. Understanding the time-honored process by which the hero must pass through certain stages to reach success, then we create transformation for our students and ourselves. We must pass through every single one of these stages and understanding this journey is the key to cultivating the resilience to move through it.

The hero makes all of the relationships within the community better

I want to take a step back and unpack exactly what the hero’s journey is and why it’s that that we’re going over today. There are certain markers or guide posts that all hero stories do have. And it was these common markers or guide posts that Joseph Campbell was most interested in. He called these common structures, “The map of the hero’s journey,” which he wrote about it in a book called “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.” With this in mind, I have a great freebie for you this week, a visual guide to the hero’s journey that you can download.


In this podcast, we will discuss the commonalities in all hero’s journeys and why they are significant. We’ll talk about how these stories are so significant for us as spiritual leaders.

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