Episode 10 - Creating Ritual: Transformational Tool of the Modern Mystic

Episode 10 - Creating Ritual: Transformational Tool of the Modern Mystic

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What if you could create powerfully transformative yoga classes with simply a shift in perception? By understanding how ritual works and utilizing its principles within your yoga classes, you can transform your students from the inside out. This podcast will inform you of all the necessary parts of a ritual and why ritual is so important for you and your students right now.

Ritual is a powerful and potent part of everybody’s lives, whether we know it or not. In fact, humans have had rituals throughout time and across cultures. We often think of rituals in conjunction with religious practices, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • The difference between a ritual and a habit
  • The history of ritual
  • Why rituals are so important

Ritual is a way to provide connection and it’s one of the greatest things we have in our toolkit as spiritual leaders

We’ll talk about the 3 Phases of Ritual – pre-liminal, liminal, and post-liminal – what they entail and how to help your students move through all phases.

We’ll discuss why you want to create an intention. Your intention carries you through the first, second and third parts of ritual, the pre-liminal, liminal and post-liminal phases. When teaching, you’ll learn how to keep an intention throughout the class, being mindful of it, in the first second and third parts of the phase, is really important, because it helps to solidify the transformation that’s occurring. We can either cue our students into creating their own uplifted intention, and there’s a little bit of a rule around this actually, or we can provide the intention for them.

I’ll help you imagine how you’re going to transform the lives of your students and clients when you take them through a ritual. It’s up to you, my friend. Remember, you are the spiritual leader of today. You have been called to do this work, and I hope this podcast is helpful in giving you some instruction as to how to do this work even more powerfully.

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Resources mentioned on this podcast:
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