Pisces New Moon & Solar Eclipse: Swimming in Spiritual Waters

Pisces New Moon & Solar Eclipse: Swimming in Spiritual Waters

A Pisces solar eclipse on February 26, 2017 gives us insights into the psyche of the world. When the light of our sun is hidden by the moon, the shadows it casts reveal the hidden activities of the collective unconscious.


What are we all working on? What do we all need to reveal? Where can we all grow? This particular Pisces new moon and solar eclipse comes just two weeks after a lunar eclipse, and five months after a similar back-to-back solar and lunar eclipse duet from September of 2016. Essentially, this is both the ending of that long eclipse pattern, and the beginning of a new one. For the next six months, we will be basking in the shadowy light of this Pisces eclipse, as we let the energies of the previous eclipse cycle energies wane.


This Pisces new moon and lunar eclipse cycle is filled with Pisces energy. Not only are the sun and moon both in Pisces, so are Mercury, Chiron, and Pisces’ ruler, Neptune. This packs a powerful Pisces punch for all of us, essentially calling us all to spiritual work on every level: conscious, unconscious, communication, in mentorship, healing and transcendence. Your energetic body will be lit up by this lunation, in particular your throat and third eye chakras. Practices to focus on right now include: mantra, chanting, meditation, visualization and invocation. These practices target those energy centers, and super-charge your ability to connect with spirit.


Keep in mind, that the other biggest planetary activity in the sky right now — the Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter T-square — is active through May and definitely charging up this Pisces eclipse. What you can expect from this cosmic collision is a giant wave of radical transformation…which is a great time to stay close to the spiritual and transcendent practices of Pisces to integrate, process, and build resilience for all that is going on right now in our world.


Keep swimming in your spiritual waters, and those waters will shelter you from any storm.



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Alchemical Ritual for Pisces New Moon:


Pisces is a water sign portrayed by two swimming fish. This displays the fluidity of emotions and incredible, empathic sensitivity that is second nature to Pisces. All these feelings can be overwhelming without the right outlet to deal with them. This ritual aids in allowing you to make your way through the emotional turmoil that occurs in deep spiritual exploration in order to feel fully what is alive within you and bring it to a balanced, integrated state.


This ritual requires water. If possible, take a bath before the ritual to immerse yourself in the natural element of Pisces. You may fill a sacred cup or vessel with water and place it in your ritual space. Gather your favorite crystals (Aquamarine, Amethyst or Lapis Lazuli are good choices if you have them) and a candle or two in front of you. Use sage, sweet grass or palo santo to cleanse yourself and the space by casting the smoke over yourself and encircling your own body three times. Find a symbol that activate you spiritually and makes you feel connected to source. This can be anything—a religious icon or relic, a picture or an object. Light your candles, sit comfortably in your space and hold the symbol as you close the eyes and say the following invocation:


May the highest qualities of Pisces and this New Moon allow me to transcend all that holds me back from my highest spiritual connection and my deepest soul purpose.


Spend a few moments in quiet contemplation as you absorb the connection to source inspired by the invocation and ritual. Feel what comes up from inside you as you clear your mind and allow your soul to communicate your highest needs. Be delighted at what arises. As you receive insights, place the ring finger (or first finger) of your right hand into the water you’ve place in the ritual space and anoint yourself with it by lightly touching your forehead, your sternal notch at the base of the throat, and your heart. Do this as many times as necessary.


When your ritual feels complete, bring your hands to prayer at your heart, chant Om three times, and snuff the candles. Anoint your symbol with the sacred water and place it somewhere that you see it everyday in order to be reminded of the connection you have cultivated in this ritual. Let it be a reminder of how to connect to your source, and also, of how connected you are at all times.