Why Online Learning is the Future of Yoga

Why Online Learning is the Future of Yoga

Back in 2005, I started the first ever yoga podcast. It was amazing. Podcasting was practically unknown at the time, and I couldn’t believe that little ol’ me was able to reach more than two million people around the world!

People in Australia were grateful to be able to participate in my classes — they even invited me there to teach! People in small towns across the United States, miles from their nearest yoga studio, were thrilled that they could practice with me. And people in Europe told me that they could finally start a yoga practice because my podcast made it accessible.

Do you know why I started podcasting in the first place?

Because I wish someone had done the same for me.

When I began my teaching career, I felt isolated and bereft of any kind of connection. The teachers who I enjoyed studying the most lived all the way on the other side of the country — there was no way to connect with them. No way to get the “juice” I craved.

I was lonely and desperate for inspiration, wisdom, and connection. When I found out that I could provide those things for others via the internet, I was hooked. My obsession with online education was born, and I haven’t stopped since, pushing the boundaries of how people learn yoga online.

Since then, I’ve created the world’s first and only 500-hour online yoga teacher training program, and I also now have a slew of other continuing education and certificate programs with an additional 250 hours of learning available.

There’s a lot of skepticism around learning yoga or yoga teacher training online, but I’ll never stop giving you the tools and resources you need to up level your practice and career.

Why? Because I deeply believe in the power of online learning as a way to make higher education in yoga more accessible, individualized, personalized, and comprehensive. Thanks to the power of modern technology, I can answer all your questions. I can hold you accountable for what you learn, and let you learn it on your own time. There’s really no limit to what I can teach you online.

If you’ve never thought about trying online learning for yoga, or you’re skeptical — especially if you’re skeptical — then I want you to join me for two special experiences:

First, follow me on Facebook. I regularly post videos, inspiration, and lessons. You can even get live lessons in yoga and meditation from me on Facebook Live. (Pssst… For a deeper connection with a community of like-minded yogis, tons of resources, and education straight from my YTT coursework, join the Higher Education in Yoga (HEY) group.)

Don’t worry, your local yoga studio isn’t going anywhere! But, when you want to practice while you’re out of town, you need a quick 20 minute class in the morning, you’re looking for something specific like a course on the chakras, or (as in my case) you want to deepen your spiritual education, online is where it’s happening.

Online Learning: The Future of Yoga (and Why It’s Awesome!)

Since the launch of my comprehensive, highly personalized, online yoga certification program, the biggest challenge I face is overcoming the assumption that yoga cannot be learned online.

It can.

Dozens of graduates have thrived in their communities, teaching around the world. One of my graduates was even invited to guest teach in her local studio’s teacher training program right away!

I led in-studio trainings for 15 years before launching this one, and I’ve rarely seen such dedicated, hard-working students attain such a level of profound transformation and mastery.

If you can’t take the time off of work or can’t afford an in-studio experience, but still have dreams of becoming the best yoga teacher you can be, then my online teaching program is for you.

To get an inside look at my comprehensive online yoga teacher training program, sign up for my next webinar:

Inside Look at The Kaivalya Yoga Method for Online Yoga Training

Have you been thinking about making the leap and becoming a yoga teacher? Or maybe your initial 200-hour yoga teacher training experience left you wondering, “what’s next?” If this sounds like you, this webinar is a perfect opportunity to explore the next step in your yoga journey!

I look forward to meeting you in one of the many places I’ve set up for us to work together, connect, and uplevel your spiritual practice and career. No matter where you are, I am here for you!

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