My #1 Tool for Getting the Answers You Need (Hint: It's the Tarot!)

My #1 tool for getting the answers you need

How to use the tarot to get the answers you need.Many years ago, I bought a tarot deck.

But, I didn’t know how to use it.

It sat in my drawer for years until I took it upon myself to learn this incredible method for getting the answers you seek.

Sometimes we need answers, don’t we?

Like, immediate answers to our most burning questions:
• Is this relationship right for me?
• Should I quit my job?
• What is the next step on my path?

Tarot is perfect for this, because it contains the myth and symbolism that is alive in our psyche. It speaks the language of our unconscious, and allows our unconscious to speak back to us in certain terms.

It is a method of divination…which I know is sometimes scary and hugely misunderstood. Divination tools have been around since the beginning of time, and have existed in every culture and belief system in history.

It was usually the medicine people or sages that held the tools of divination, and used it to help those in their community.

Well, that’s YOU!

As a spiritual practitioner or yoga teacher (or both!), you are the sage that the community looks to for answers. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could offer them in a way that actually pulls the answer right from within you?

“If we bring forth what is within us, what we bring forth will save us. If we do not bring forth what is within us, what we do not bring forth will destroy us.” – Gnostic Gospel of Thomas

Look, I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t know exactly how the tarot works, but I do know there is a higher and deeper part of our consciousness that is able to speak to us through the deck. It is simply our job to interpret the myths and symbols.

This requires a knowledge of the inherent mythology of the deck, an understanding of how symbols work, and an appreciation for the Hero’s Journey structure that is at the basis of all human transformation.

I want to teach you all of this!

In the video below, I talk to you about all these things (and tell you which decks work) and give you a method for using the tarot deck right away:

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