New Moon in Libra: Express Your Love and Beauty

New Moon in Libra: Express Your Love and Beauty

The new moon in Libra on October 19, 2017 activates our desire for love, beauty, and harmony in all things.


Whether it be the need to create balance in relationships, express yourself through artistic endeavors, or an attempt to mediate conflict to establish peace around you, letting Libra’s energy flow through you results in more joy and ease. Libra’s core qualities are supported and expanded by Jupiter sitting very close to our full moon, and Mercury is in the mix encouraging us to express ourselves clearly and completely.


The confluence of these forces in the sky create the perfect conditions for you to say, “I love you” as often as possible.


Whether someone needs to hear it from you, whether they hear it all the time, or whether its hard for you to say it, right now, it doesn’t matter. Opening your heart, speaking the love that flows through it and spreading your love and light generously around you is what sets the foundation for the harmony Libra craves.


As the archetype of justice, Libra holds the scales and invokes the ancient Egyptian goddess, Ma’at, who stood at the gates of the afterlife.


Before passing successfully into heaven, a soul must weigh their heart next to that of a feather on Ma’at’s scale. If their heart was heavy, they’d have to try again. As long as the soul’s heart was lighter than the feather, they passed beyond the gates into the heavens. Let this be a reminder to us of Libra’s scales, and that everything we do under the influence of this new moon must keep our heart light.


Also present in this new moon’s energy is Uranus, who provides flashes of insight and inspiration that must be heeded. When the message comes to open your heart, be vulnerable, and remain in a place of love…listen. If you feel compelled to spread joy and compassion, do it. If messages come that encourage you to stay in integrity, let your words match that and speak clearly (with love!) to those around you.


If ever there was a time to share the wisdom of the heart, it is now. People need to hear it, perhaps now more than ever. In times of conflict, and struggle, Libra shines by providing mediation. Where there is a lack of beauty, Libra steps in to brighten the situation. And, when love feels far away, Libra generously shows up to give love freely. Let this be you this month. Allow your heart to open now more than ever before, and in doing so, be the inspiration for others to do the same.



Alchemical Ritual for the Libra New Moon


As an air sign, Libra likes to take an expansive view to incorporate all sides of an argument, find a middle ground, and enjoy all levels of beauty and love. On the low side, however, that expansive view leads to indecisiveness and stagnation, with others waiting on you to make a move. This new moon ritual for Libra helps to generate balance between our inner and outer realities so that our hearts remain open no matter what.


Libra is ruled by Venus, so focus on creating a loving, supportive energy around you for the ritual. Anything green or copper can aid in bringing in Venusian energy. Draw an imaginary circle (or a real one with chalk, or some other natural marker) to contain your ritual and place in the center any sacred stones (jade, rose quarts or emeralds are good choices). You can also bring in elements of rose or sandalwood (essential oils, prayer beads, or live flowers), as well as a lit candle or two. Use sage, sweet grass or palo santo to cleanse yourself and the space by casting the smoke over yourself and encircling your own body three times. When you’re ready to begin the ritual, sit quietly inside the circle. Spend a few moments in quiet contemplation on the power of the heart. Visualize the heart opening and expanding, and actually feel that sensation inside you. Get into the state of being that an open heart generates. Notice how this makes you feel, alleviates any tension, improves relationships, etc. As a result of your open heart, what changes? What do you see differently? What challenges naturally fall away? What judgments immediately subside? What worries melt away? When the mind and heart become still, say the following invocation out loud:


May the energy of Libra, Venus, and this New Moon open my heart to the greatest possible size.


Spend a few moments in quiet contemplation. Clear the mind of thoughts completely. Feel the sensation of openheartedness in the body. Rather than force it, invite any messages that you need to hear or experience that help you move closer to living an openhearted life.


When complete, chant Om three times, and snuff the candles. Hold the feeling of courage as you exit the ritual. When our inner reality match our outer reality, we are fully balanced and harmonized. Our life becomes a dynamic harmony that reflects our soul’s purpose.