Modern Mysticism 101: Daily Practice, Spiritual Tools, & Personal Ritual

Modern Mysticism 101: Daily Practice, Spiritual Tools, & Personal Ritual

As a #ModernMystic, my practice doesn’t look like what it used to.

Gone are the days of 2 hour asana practices and instead I focus on a practice that fits into my life. Rather than push myself through a physical practice when I’m not feeling it, I’m better at listening to my body and honoring its needs with more nurturing, supportive rituals.

It’s a big shift.

I used to feel I had to do a 2 hour practice, if I didn’t do it I felt guilty. And, really guilty if I missed it all together.

At some point, I realized that guilt has no part of spiritual practice. Extremes don’t either.

These things don’t serve a calm mind or a light heart. Anything that continues to make the mind chatter about small things (like missing a practice, or not doing enough) is not supportive of our spiritual goals.

Goals like connection, acceptance, resilience, balance, and joy.

Most days, I love finding little times throughout the day to do mini-practices.

In the morning, I’ll often pull a few cards from the tarot deck to set the tone and keep me focused on what the day brings. At some point during the day, I’ll check my astrology app on my phone to see where the moon is landing in my chart, and compare that to how I’m feeling. I’ll usually do a little ritual (sometimes no more than 5 minutes) where I check in, connect, and do a little meditation. In the evening, I like reflecting on what I was grateful for that day.

That’s pretty much it.

Yoga must fit into your life…not the other way around.

This is the practice of the mystic. It’s not once a week for 90 minutes. It’s every day, throughout the day in small ways that add up.

We never leave our mystical spirit behind. We live and breathe it in all the things we do.

That becomes easier when you have all the tools you need to incorporate moments of connection throughout your day.

The tools you use are up to you. They must be personalized, and work for you.

One-size-fits-all practices rarely work for us…we must explore a variety of tools (like yoga, tarot, astrology, and ritual) to find the ones that connect us to ourselves.

The more consistently you use these tools, the more easily that connection – yoga – becomes your new normal.

Most importantly, this consistency is what supports you on the days that life gets in the way and you miss your practice…or, the times when the proverbial ? hits the fan, and you need the legacy of your practice to allow you to endure life’s most stressful and challenging moments.

In the video below, I help you discover the tools that might work for you, give you an overview of some of my favorites, and share a practice with you that you can fit into your day…everyday.

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