Episode 6 - New Year's Transformation: How to Create Lasting Change

Episode 6 - New Year's Transformation: How to Create Lasting Change

January is the perfect time to recommit to your spiritual practice. But, is your practice really working for you? In this podcast, Alanna goes through why your practice may not actually be working, how to make it work better, what it means for it “to work,” and she shares the ultimate goal of yoga and spiritual practice. Starting on Jan 9, she leads the 28 day Total Transformation challenge, giving you the opportunity to commit to a practice that works for you and fits into your life! Join her here: https://alannak.securechkout.com/ttchallenge

We all know that our practice makes a huge difference in our life, and we know that committing to our practice is actually gonna make us better yoga teachers and spiritual leaders. In the new year, it is a great idea to re-commit to your own practice, and in this podcast, I’m gonna give you some secrets on how to do that and how to make it easier so that your yoga fits into your life, not the other way around.

One of the things that I write about a lot, in general, but very specifically, in my most recent book, Yoga Beyond the Mat, is how to reframe the way that you do and look at your practice. Your Practice doesn’t need to be a 90-minute ass-kicker. In fact, it only needs to be those specific practices that actually make you feel more connected.

This is the important litmus test that you need to measure everything by: Do the things that you do actually make you feel more connected? So for example, does pushing yourself harder in asana make you feel more connected to your spirit or your soul or source? Does forcing yourself into meditation for any length of time make you feel closer to spirit or source? Now, the answer could be yes and the answer could also be no. So be open to what the answer might be.

Your life becomes your practice, your whole life becomes your offering.

It is very imperative that you do a daily practice, but there shouldn’t be any guilt associated with it and there shouldn’t be any should associated with it. What we want our practice to be like is like brushing our teeth, so hopefully, every day and hopefully twice a day, we all brush our teeth.

And it’s just a part of our everyday routine, it’s just this thing that we do. If we happen to miss it one night because we’re out and having a good time and we come home and fall asleep, the world doesn’t end, no big deal. We may wake up the next morning and our mouth feels a little more fuzzy than usual, but then we’ll just get up, brush our teeth and go on about our day. We don’t beat ourselves up over it, we don’t call ourselves a bad yogi for it, we just do it again and move on. So, let us make our practice like this. It is more like a lifestyle. Your life becomes your practice, your whole life becomes your offering.

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