Let’s Talk About the Chakras

Let’s Talk About the Chakras

If you’re familiar with my work, you likely know that I am OBSESSED with the chakras. These energy centers are a profound means of exploring ourselves, our beliefs and our blockages.

Simply put, the chakras are the body’s intuitive way of organizing our psychology. As such, they can be used to foster greater healing, understanding and connection to ourselves and others.

If you’re anything like me, the chakras were challenging to understand, especially at first. They really clicked for me once I started studying psychology and alchemy, and since then, it’s been my mission to help others better understand the chakras, too.

When we fail to grasp the power of these energy centers, we seriously miss out. Our knowledge of yoga is incomplete. Plus, we fail to fully know our wholeness and the extend of our gifts, abilities and personal power.

So, while the chakras are incredibly important, I’ve also found that they’re notoriously misunderstood. That’s why I created a YouTube video series on this topic. In order for people to access the power of the chakras, they need to understand exactly what they are (and what they aren’t).

There are nine videos in the series. I begin by diving into the ways that the chakras are tied to yoga psychology. From there, we work our way from the bottom up:

Each video explores where the energy center is located, how to connect with it and what the chakra can tell us—if and when we’re prepared to listen.

I invite you to check out the video series in its entirety. The information in the videos is designed to help you connect to the chakras so you can feel them within yourself. This series is a friendly starting point for beginners, but it also provides in-depth information for those who have some previous knowledge of the chakras.

Enjoy the videos. Once you’re finished, I encourage you to do the work. Build your own unique relationship with the chakras. Everyone has a different experience, and I can’t wait to see how these concepts come alive for you!