Increasing Intuition: Understanding the Third Eye Chakra

Increasing Intuition: Understanding the Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra: Intuition
Location: between the eyebrows, pineal gland, sinuses
Bija Mantra: Om
Sanskrit Name: Ajña (command)

The third eye chakra is located at between the eyebrows and represents our sense of intuition, or inner knowing. This chakra incorporates our pineal gland, sinuses and eyesight, as well. The element of this chakra is ether (or, space), as the medium of intuition is higher consciousness. The name for this chakra, ajña, translates as command, indicating that we ideally take our life’s instructions from the wisdom presented to us at this level of consciousness.

Intuition is essentially our sixth sense. It is our sense of inner knowing, or higher wisdom, that comes from a place other than our thinking mind or ego. When the mind’s chatter is loud and overwhelming, we cannot access this voice. It is still, and small, and the thoughts of the thinking mind and ego drown it out. This prevents us from receiving the messages that are meant for us, that help to guide us in the right direction, or that lead us out of dark places. The ego is so convinced that it has all the answers, it never relaxes enough to let these more inspired answers through.

If we develop the ability to “open” our third eye, we see our lives with much greater clarity. By accessing this energetic center, we develop the skill of viveka, or perfect discernment. Viveka is a highly sought after yogic quality. In fact, it is said that all the yoga practices are done in order for us to achieve this quality within ourselves. Viveka allows us to make great choices for ourselves in every moment of every day.

Every single choice we make has both good and bad consequences. No matter how hard we try, we cannot escape this inevitable truth. As humans, we just don’t know the extent of the impact of every choice we make. But, we are able to do our best. Knowing that every choice has both positive and negative outcomes, then doing our best means that we always choose to lean toward the light.

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Every choice is a step forward on our spiritual path if we make it one. Despite the unknowable outcome of the choice, if it is one that allows us to lean a little more toward the light, toward our truth, toward joy, love, compassion and contentment, then it is the right choice for us. Each one of us must make these infinite choices individually, based on our own internal drives and energetic qualities. No one may tell us what choice is right, and there is never one “right” way to do anything: live, behave, act, pray, eat, practice, emote, work…you name it. There is only the right way for us.