Full Moon in Capricorn: Find Your Calling & Pursue Your Passion

Full Moon in Capricorn: Find Your Calling & Pursue Your Passion

The Capricorn full moon on July 9, 2017 presents us with an opportunity for clarity on our career path. It asks us if we merely want a job…or a calling. Passionate Pluto sits directly next to this full moon, inciting the inner questions regarding whether we are truly fulfilled by our work, whether it serves our highest good, and whether it is allowing us to transform, or is keeping us small.

Too many of us rely on a “job” simply to get by, rather than as a method of service and inspiration for ourselves and others. If you spend day in and day out doing something that fails to serve your soul, it’s time to change all that. Mars’ driven energy charges up the call to find rewarding work, and Chiron (who is retrograde this month) asks us to make sure that there aren’t any old, lingering wounds convincing us to play small and go the “easy” way.

But, of course, there’s nothing easy about spending your days not letting your spirit shine.

It’s understandable that fear, resistance, and rationality often play devil’s advocate in the pursuit of our passion, and convince us we can’t do it. It’s simply not true. There is a way to do it — perhaps differently than we imagine, with more calculated purpose (which Capricorn loves), or with a clever twist. Think outside the box. Find a way, and let the smallness, fear, and resistance end.

Today’s the day.


Alchemical Ritual for the Capricorn Full Moon

As an earth sign, Capricorn is grounded, committed, strategic and ready to work. This energy intense, both in its capacity to get things done, but also in its ability to overwhelm and overwork. Capricorn constantly strives to reach its goal, but what is most important is that Capricorn reaches the right goal, and maintains a clear vision of the forest for the trees. This full moon ritual for Capricorn draws feeling and emotion into Capricorn’s normally critical thinking, encouraging us to ask ourselves: What do we really want, and how badly do we want it? The right answers to these questions come from the heart, not the head. When fueled by compassion and love, there is nothing Capricorn cannot accomplish.

Capricorn’s ruler is Saturn, the cosmic father who constantly pressures us to get things done. This is an important aspect of life, but Capricorn sometimes also forgets how to enjoy life, too! When we bring meaning to life, it becomes enjoyable, and meaning is found by letting the heart guide all of our endeavors. To enliven Capricorn’s intensity in this ritual, gather a dark stone like onyx, hematite or garnet. Cypress or patchouli essential oil may be used to anoint your third eye, and your knees (Capricorn rules the knees) before and after the ceremony. Use sage, sweet grass or palo santo to cleanse yourself and the space by casting the smoke over yourself and encircling your own body three times. Light a few candles and dim the lights. Enter your ceremonial space with conscious intention to bring your heart’s desire to life in this ritual. Step inside, sit down, and close the eyes. Focus on the breath and clear the mind of thought. With clarity and receptivity, say the following invocation out loud:

Capricorn and Saturn, allow me to do the work of my heart, so that I may manifest meaning in my life.

Spend a few moments in quiet contemplation. Clear the mind of thoughts completely. When you are clear, ask yourself the following questions out loud:

What do I want?

(pause, wait for the answer)

How badly do I want it?

(pause, wait for the answer)

The answers may surprise you. When you allow the heart to finally speak, it speaks clearly and concisely, in simple words (often only one or two at a time), elegant concepts (an inner knowing), an image, or most powerfully: a feeling. When the heart serves up a feeling response, it charges your conviction and in that moment, you know you have found meaning. The answers to these questions are likely infused with emotion, which means that there is no denying what the heart wants, nor that you must do what it takes to accomplish it.

When complete, chant Om three times, and snuff the candles. Place your right hand over your heart as a way to connect physically to the driving force behind the meaningful answers you receive in this ritual. This ritual harnesses the powerful energy of Capricorn, giving you the means to make manifest your heart’s desire.