Full Moon in Aries: Speak Your Truth to Power

Full Moon in Aries: Speak Your Truth to Power

The Aries full moon on October 5, 2017 presents us with the unique opportunity to gain clarity on our personal truth, and learn to speak it in a dynamic way to those who share power. The timing of this could not be more critical, as we are at a juncture in social and political events that require clear action by those of us who care to affect positive change. It often feels like those who are “in power” are the only ones with power, but this full moon calls us to realize this is not the case at all.


True power is driven by compassion and empathy.


It is fluid, and easy to share with others. Power allows you to prop others up, to speak with clarity for truth and justice, and to elevate the greater good without putting others down. Speaking your truth to others in power creates a connective tissue that bands everyone together, creating the kind of cohesion that even those exerting force over you cannot resist.


If you have ever thought you were too small to make a difference, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room! All of us, no matter how “small,” have tremendous power. Mercury (the ruler of the throat chakra) and the full moon in Aries drive us to find it this month. With Aries’ qualities of action, planning and forward momentum, we have the strength to utilize our clear, compassionate communication for thoughtful change and influence on our immediate and global surroundings.


Pluto, the planet of deep transformation is squaring this moon, almost as if it knows that deep transformation is needed in our individual and collective psyches. Take advantage of Pluto’s heavy energy by overcoming any fear of standing up for what you believe is right, and doing something about it. Turn your conviction into action! Write your senator, join a victim’s relief group, register to vote, run for local office, talk about social justice in your yoga classes, and tidy up personal relationships by speaking from the heart and learning to say, “I’m sorry,” when necessary.


Author, Eckhart Tolle, reminds us that, “Power over others is weakness disguised as strength.”


Those who exert power are really powerless, and are resorting to force to bully others into thinking they’re stronger or mightier. We see this on the world stage, and in our personal lives as well. No matter how we are being effected by the actions of others, we must remember, that to stand in our own power is how we gather the strength to make change.



Alchemical Ritual for the Aries Full Moon


As a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars, Aries is capable of lighting the fire of passion and drive toward challenges that normally seem insurmountable. At this time, consider what issues are important to you that the brazenness of Aries can help you develop the willpower to make a difference.


Gather crystals (fire agate, aventurine, clear quartz are good choices), sage or sweet grass and find a symbol that represents what you would like to achieve under the energy of this full moon. Create your space with these items and light a candle. On a sheet of paper, write down a personal truth about something that is important to you, and also a list of things that you can do to make positive change. Finally, get honest with yourself, and write down three things that hold you back from speaking up and making an impact. Sit quietly in meditation on what you have written and say the following invocation:


Mercury & the Moon, Shine light on my inner truth and give me strength to speak my truth to power.


Take some time for quiet reflection. Finally, burn the paper with your goal and obstacles as you commit to letting go of what is holding you back. Cleanse yourself with sage or sweetgrass. Snuff the candle. Close the ritual with three chants of Om and a moment of gratitude.