Modern Mystics Podcast Episode 8 - The God-Sized Hole and the Great Need for Spiritual Leadership

Modern Mystics Podcast Episode 8 - The God-Sized Hole and the Great Need for Spiritual Leadership

You’ve heard Alanna talk about this concept in previous podcasts: Spiritual Leadership. Hear her talk about why this is such a critical role to be filled in our modern day culture by mystics such as yourself. Learn the history of what lead us here…to this gaping god-sized hole in our collective psyches…and how as spiritual leaders, we assist our students, clients, and community in navigating this treacherous landscape. Learn the pitfalls of not addressing this void, and the best ways to step up into your role as a spiritual leader. You are being called to do this…the time is now!

Psychology in most all of its current modern forms does not tend to the spirit, it flatly rejects it, it ignores it, it says it’s not its place, that’s the place of religion or spirituality. We’re just going deal with the conscious mind with the mental fluctuations.

And so, what we’re left with is essentially a God-sized hole.

Are you ready to step into your post as a spiritual leader, are you ready to say yes to this call, because no one is more primed to do this work that you are?

Yoga is a psycho-spiritual practice. And I didn’t make that word up either. That’s actually a word that is a practice of both the psyche and the spirit. So it’s not just a psychology, right? Yoga is in some ways of Psychology, but it is also a spirituality which makes it a prime type of practice for us to use. For this purpose of a spiritual leadership, but we’ve never had this problem before.

Okay, so, before now, any time we had a metaphysical issue we had people to go to, we had clergy to go to who were responsible for our spiritual well-being.

Every one of us is a human being at some point in our adult lives will inquire things like Why am I here, why is this happening to me, what is this whole means, what are the next steps? Anyone who is pursuing the spiritual practice has these questions, whether they’re voicing them out loud or not, they have these questions, and if they don’t have an organized place like an organized religion to go to, where do they go?

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