Forecasting Your Future: Divination for the Modern Mystic

Forecasting Your Future: Divination for the Modern Mystic

Traditionally, at the beginning of any year, we look for ways to optimize our lives in the coming months. Mystics of old have long had methods of divination to assist in positive planning, and looking forward to create opportunities. This is not fortune telling! Rather, it is a way to commune with the subtler aspects of the psyche to bring forth what is already within us. This allows us to make the best choices for ourselves and take advantage of the energies at hand. For us as modern mystics, one of the great tools of divination is the tarot deck. In this podcast, Alanna introduces you to the concept of modern divination, and gives a brief overview of the tarot deck and how you can add it to your practice of spiritual leadership.

I know that if you’re anything like me, at the beginning of any year, you’re doing whatever you can to optimize the months ahead. So I wanted to dedicate this podcast to talking about one of my absolute favorite ways to do just that, to forecast or take advantage of the situation, the climate, the energies that are happening for you right now to create the best possible path forward. Now this isn’t fortune-telling, but it is a divination, so we’re gonna dive deeply into what divination is exactly how it applies to you as a modern mystic, and I’ll tell you a little bit more about my favorite method of divination, which is the tarot.

If we can quiet the monkey mind – the ego, just enough to allow the divination to occur, then we can actually see what is alive within us right now.

the first thing I wanna do is debunk any misunderstandings around the concept of divination. Divination can often get a bad rap. We often see it in movies or TV. Is this really strange weird thing that people do in order to try to tell fortunes or mis-director, Miss guide someone? It’s not in my opinion, given the incredible respect that I think it is due and I also think that because it’s cast in this strange light, that we often misunderstand or fear it and Divination. Doesn’t need to be feared.

Every culture throughout history has all had its own form of divination. Now, typically, it is the shaman of whatever culture or a tribe that is the one who is doing the divination, but that doesn’t mean that others in the community don’t also have their methods of divination. It is very, very dispersed throughout the tribes, throughout people throughout culture. And again, it’s historical and we find it everywhere.

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