Episode 45 - Erotic Embodiment and Connecting To Your Wildness: A Conversation with Kait Singley of Living Eros

Episode 45 - Erotic Embodiment and Connecting To Your Wildness: A Conversation with Kait Singley of Living Eros

2020 brings with it so many challenges, so much grief, and so many reasons to connect to our sensuality, eros, and wildness. The practice of embodied sexuality is deeply therapeutic in order to help us overcome grief to achieve greater states of pleasure. Kait Singley teaches us the importance of erotic embodiment as a spiritual practice, and offers practical tools to embark on the journey!

On our journey as Modern Mystics and spiritual leaders, one of our big goals is integration, which really means integrating all the parts of ourselves. That means we have to look at all the parts of ourselves, and this is why I’m so excited that on today’s podcast, I talk with Kait Singley of livingeros.com. She awakens us to the real deep work that is erotic embodiment, taking a look at our sensuality and our sexuality as spiritual practitioners, and its importance in our ability to move through grief and anger, because this time, 2020 is so incredibly challenging. This is actually a practice that will help us to move more smoothly and with grace through everything happening in our lives. I look forward to sharing Kait’s information with you today and hopefully opening up a new pathway of practice for you.

I guide people, hold and facilitate people to get more in touch with what’s actually happening inside of their bodies, in their experiences of intimacy, relating arousal all the way up into sex

It is my great honor and pleasure during this podcast to bring Kait Singley of Living Eros to the podcast, to talk more about why working more deeply with our sexual embodiment, sexual practices, is so important for us as spiritual leaders and practitioners, and why it’s actually really important during this time. We have some really interesting topics to discuss today on the podcast, and I can’t wait to dive in. Kait, thank you so much for being here.

For more information, please visit Kait’s Website, Living Eros.

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