Episode 36 - Myth & Rites of Passage: A Conversation with Kwame Scruggs of Alchemy Inc

Episode 36 - Myth & Rites of Passage: A Conversation with Kwame Scruggs of Alchemy Inc

Mythology and ritual help us discover more about ourselves, move through challenging times, connect to something greater than ourselves, and engage us in our community. No one knows this better than Kwame Scruggs, founder of Alchemy Inc., an organization that works with youth to give them a mythological structure within which to grow and thrive. Learn how spiritual leadership is a required element of the process of growth and transformation!

I’m excited to introduce to you Kwame Scruggs, founder of Alchemy Inc, who has worked with youth to create a type of coming of age ritual to give them support and context for moving into adulthood. As a spiritual leader, you’ll learn a lot listening to Kwame. Not only the importance of mentorship, working with the youth, but also the importance of bringing ritual into our lives and as a spiritual leader, you actually do this every time you teach.

A ritual takes you out of a profane space and puts you into a sacred space, so that you can concentrate on what it is you’re doing. And brings in, for lack of better word, spirits or assistance from outside to assist you in your journey

My name is Alanna Kaivalya and I am very excited to present Kwame Scruggs of Alchemy Inc today to speak with us about many different things on the topic of ritual initiation, rites of passage, mythology. I love it because Kwame is actually a fellow mythologist so we’re gonna deep dive into a little bit of myth today. Get excited. Kwame, thank you so much for being here.

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