Episode 35 - Compassionate & Conscious Food Choices: A Conversation with Jenni Harris of White Oak Pastures

Episode 35 - Compassionate & Conscious Food Choices: A Conversation with Jenni Harris of White Oak Pastures

One of the ways in which we participate in activism daily is through our food choices. As yogis and spiritual leaders, we want to make the most compassionate choices possible! One of these choices is supporting regenerative farmers like Jenni Harris, and her family. They have been running White Oak Pastures for five generations and challenge themselves to be the best stewards of land and animals possible. Hear Jenni talk about holistic farming, and how she and her family honor the purpose of the animals, plants, and people on her farm!

What I’d like to do today is share with you a conversation between myself as well as Jenni Harris, fifth generation sustainable organic and regenerative farmer of White Oak Pastures to enlighten this conversation and potentially open up new ways of thinking, seeing and believing in conscious food choices. There’s more than just one way to choose to eat consciously, holistically and compassionately, just like there’s more than one way to be a yogi. For further reference on this topic of conversation, please make sure that you listen to my podcast on Ahimsa, it’s podcast number 29 and may give a good foundation for the conversation ahead.

We are one step above hunter-gatherer, we are using animals as tools to impact land and giving consumers a way to move that forward so that there can be more not less.

I have a very very special guest joining me today, this is Jenni Harris of White Oak Pastures. She is a fifth generation farmer and her farm, White Oak Pastures is a regenerative farm, and they’ve been doing regenerative farming since the ’90s, way before it was cool. I’m excited to talk to her today and bring this conversation to you all about what it means to make conscious food choices, have her share with us some of the facts around regenerative farming and tell us more about White Oak. This place has been deeply embedded in my heart for many years, and I have been working with and ordering from White Oak Pastures for probably four or five years now. I will never go back. And so, it’s a real privilege and honor, Jenni to have you with us today. Thank you for being here.

If you want to learn more about White Oak Pastures please visit the website – White Oak Pastures

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