Episode 32 - Creating Inclusive Wellness Spaces: A Conversation with Eric Mosley

Episode 32 - Creating Inclusive Wellness Spaces: A Conversation with Eric Mosley

As we navigate racial justice issues as spiritual leaders, it is important to think about how we create wellness spaces that invite Black, BIPOC, and other communities into the fold. How do we communicate safety and inclusion? Eric Mosley, founder of Black Mat Yoga NYC, helps us to navigate this important conversation.

All of us as yoga teachers and spiritual leaders have a deep desire to ensure that everyone feels included in our classes, or in our work, or in our offerings. We want to communicate acceptance and make sure that everyone who comes into contact with us or our work feels seen. However, this isn’t always the case, and there’s room to do better. In our conversation today with Eric Mosley, founder of Black Mat Yoga NYC, we talk about how to create more inclusive wellness spaces to address issues of racial justice, and talk frankly and openly as spiritual leaders about this issue.

We believe in inclusivity, we believe that everyone should be accepted

It is my honor and pleasure to have the amazing Eric Mosley from Black Mat Yoga NYC, as well as the Director of Community Outreach across the Kaivalya Yoga Method Academy and Alanna K programs. He is an amazing human being who is going to chat with us today about how we can bring more diversity and inclusivity, acceptance into our wellness spaces. This is something that I’m doing my best to be on the listening end and learning end, and hear it through someone who I greatly admire in his knowledge and ability to help me and others with this. And I thought it would be wonderful to bring him into the podcast today so that we can all start to raise that vibration expectation, do better, be more inclusive because of course, this is what yoga stands for. Yoga is inclusivity, it is about making sure everyone feels accepted in these spaces and there’s always going to be room for us to elevate that.

If you want to learn more about Eric please visit his website – Black Mat Yoga NYC

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