Episode 30 - Pride & Solidarity: A Conversation Creating Community with Jase Cannon

Episode 30 - Pride & Solidarity: A Conversation Creating Community with Jase Cannon

In this time of social justice, equality, and inclusion, it is important for us as spiritual leaders to practice good allyship and stand in solidarity with our LGBTQ+ community members. Fellow yoga teacher and social activist, Jase Cannon, gives us great insight and suggestions on how to build more inclusive classes and community.

At this incredibly important time in our world, in our culture, in our communities, I asked my dear friend Jase Cannon, fellow yoga teacher and social activist to speak with me about how to be a really awesome ally, supporter and stand in solidarity with our communities, including the LGBTQ+ community. This is such an important conversation and I was very lucky to have her join me in starting it and keeping it going. I wanted to provide you, my modern mystics, the support that you need as spiritual leaders to hold space and create inclusivity within your communities and your classes.

Yoga is in favor of love over fear and any time we find fear, we need to do what we can to move toward love but we can’t always do that alone. We often need the help of others.

I wanted to talk about what we can do as yoga teachers and spiritual leaders to be better allies and to support all different kinds of communities but especially we’re focusing today on the LGBTQ+ community and you know, luckily because she is my friend, we’ve kind of had this discussion over the last day or so. She’s got some great ideas, I would love them to be presented here and I would love to make sure that you all understand how as a spiritual leader, you can be a supporter and ally, hold space for these conversations that are happening because they are deep conversations, they are critically important conversations and as a part of yoga, we want everyone to feel included. I mean, yoga means unity, right?

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